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Extracurriculars/internships available to help current sophomore interested in Business/Economics?

Hi, I’m a current sophomore who wants to get into top 20 schools for business major, I already participate in DECA at school and am planning to join Model UN and Model Congress next year. Because I spent most of my freshman year doing nothing, I was overwhelmed by social changes, I feel like I am at a disadvantage to those who may be achieving leadership positions in their extracurriculars. I am trying to make up for this by participating in as many worth while internships and programs as possible. I have tried looking into it, but many internships I see are meant for STEM oriented people. Other than college summer programs, are there any national business oriented internships/programs that may be an asset when pursuing business/econ at a top school?

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Hi there! First of all, I think your current extracurriculars, in addition to the ones you plan to join next year sound perfect for your future plans. Focusing on a few select clubs that you can gain leadership or prestige in is a good idea rather than overloading with tons of clubs towards your Junior/Senior year, when your academics become crucial. Perhaps for extracurriculars you could even found an economics club at your school, or join debate, as it deals with public speaking, a trait that many business owners find crucial. And even if you haven't exactly achieved big leadership roles in clubs such as DECA, do continue with it, and if you do well in competitions, that will impress colleges as well.

On the note of internships, you might want to reach out to local business owners and ask them if you could "shadow them" for a day. You also brought up the fact that many internships are meant towards STEM, but you could easily benefit from that, as you may be able to learn more about mathematics as well as technology, both skills you will undoubtedly have to use in your future as a business/econ major. And don't worry about leadership positions, you will get more opportunities as you get into higher grades!

Good luck with everything!


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