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Epic guide to demonstrated interest!

Demonstrated interest is super important. Colleges are trying to protect their yield rate by having as many people as possible who are accepted come to their college. After searching through the internet, these were the 11 best ones I found (some I already knew)

1. Go to their webinars! The student who went out of their way to attend a Harvard hosted zoom call about their financial aid will get a bonus. Even at CollegeVine, going to the college fairs helps colleges add you to their data.

2. Email the admissions officers. Don't ask dumb questions that you can find anywhere like "what is the acceptance rate? do you have a biology major?" try more informed questions like, "I was wondering about the film and finance dual degree program, what would tuition look like for that program?" or "I had some questions about the housing, could you explain the 3 year guarantee more?"

3. Attend interviews! These are super important. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

4. Chill on their website for a while. These college websites track every move you make, how long you visit, what links you click, so if a student has never even visited their website that might not look great for them.

5. Request information online! You can ask questions, talk about the school, consult a student or mentor, etc.

6. Sign up for their mailing list or newsletter!

7. Join them on social media! Follow/Subsribe, comment with questions, like their posts, etc.

8. Attend the admissions events near you!

9. Make sure to really emphasize your 'why school' essay. It will majorly help!

10. Apply early! What better way to show your love than to unconditionally agree to commit to that school before you even get in?

I hope this helped!

- the same freshman that writes all these random posts

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The issue is make sure the school actually values interest by checking their common data set.

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Absolutely. This guide is for schools that consider it.


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