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This was left answered due to some reason. So, here it is again. I know there is a chancing system but my activities don't fall into any of the criteria. So, can anyone rate my ECs on chancing system tiering system also let me know if they are good ECs for T10 schools considering that I am an international student so here are my activities:

1. Published Research Paper in a big magazine in my country

2. Blogging website related to technology with over 115k+ views, 150+ post, recruited 8 guest writers

3. Technology centric Podcast with over 500 listens every month, a total of 5k listens and 90+ uploads and 20 guests in the show

4. Initiative of a website focusing on teaching AP curriculum to self-studying students for free with over 250 already learning students

5. I taught myself 7 programming language

6. Developed my own App

7. I have attended 10+ MUN and have received over 8 awards(6 best delegates) in them

8. I have played football(soccer) in a club associated with a top 50 college in my country for 1.5 years(before corona)

9. Leader of CS club in freshman and sophomore.

10. the school required volunteer work.


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5 months ago

1. Category: Research. Tier: F

2. Category: Writing. Tier: F. Might be able to go higher and you could hit Tier D with more views.

3. Category: Hobbies. Tier: F. Maybe a bit higher depending on who the guests are (like prominent members in your community).

4. Category: Hobbies. Tier: C. This would be my best guess of where it goes. I could probably be convinced otherwise if someone had a good argument for something else.

5. Category: Hobbies. Tier: F. See 6.

6. Category: Hobbies: Tier: F. If it has significant user numbers then you could probably bump this one up. You might be able to combine #5 + #6 into one entry which might put it at Tier C?

7. Category: Non-art competitions. Tier: E. This depends on what level of award those were. You could go higher if the award was more significant than state level.

8. Category: Sports. Tier: L. It's really tough for me to tell on this one. I have no sense of what level of competitiveness your club is.

9. Category: Interest Clubs. Tier: F.

10. Category: Volunteering. Tier: L or J. It's going to matter how much you had to volunteer.


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