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Should I apply test-optional?

Hi everyone!

I've only taken SAT once and got a 1300. All the schools on my list are test-optional and their median is 1470+. I'm gonna be taking TOEFL because I moved to the US sophomore year of HS (so I would have done 3 years of school with English being primary language, and most require 4), and I will have taken AP Calc and Lang & Comp by the end of my senior year, so I would kinda have all the bases of the SAT covered, so do I really need to take the SAT? And does anyone have any predictions about whether or not schools will penalize students who do have access to taking SAT but still don't submit scores?



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5 months ago

Hi @khsonia!

A few comments not in any particular order.

-If all the schools on your list have a mid score of 1470 that means you are applying to mostly near Ivys and near elites. Last cycle, approximately 1/2 -2/3rd of successful admits to this tranche of schools submitted either the ACT or SAT. As you go up the food chain to Ivys and Elites, 2/3rd was the norm, and up to 90% submitted test scores to schools like MIT and Georgetown University.

-1300 is not a bad score for the first try. If you choose to grind and work on this every day through the summer there is a good possibility of improving your score by 150-200 points, but that will only come from hard work, discipline, and determination. If you choose to do that, there are literally hundreds of Q&A posts about improving your SAT score you can inform yourself from reading.

-Yes would be my answer to being penalized for not submitting a test score because the last cycle of admissions results show that your chances improve vastly with a test score versus not having a test score. Read my last 2 discussion posts about this.



Good luck


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