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I am an international student and in my curriculum, we have too leaving exams(10,12) which are standardized for the whole country. I have very good scores for those but in the school exam(9,11) i have good score but not compared to other students in the same curriculum in other schools but i am still top 5% in my class as my school level exam are harder than other schools and my teachers are very picky while checking the exams

So, will I be compared on bases of my grades or my percentile


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6 months ago

Why would you think "leaving exams" has any impact on your college admissions process in the United States? We don't have them here.

If the "leaving exams" are just exams and do not affect your class grades and GPA, then I wouldn't worry about it. But if they can change your GPA from year to year because they are rolled into your transcript/academic record, they would use the add'l info to explain what they are and how they affect your GPA.

In America, we do not have "leaving exams" and there is no such thing as State or County wide testing that affects your individual transcript. Therefore, when we apply to college, only our coursework that is graded counts either as UWGPA or WGPA. We do have standardized tests that are administered by the State in various grades like 8th, 10th, 11th, etc but these are only used to determine whether our school meets or exceeds the expected State standards. So when we get a test report back it just shows how we compare to other students in our grade in our state for English or Math. None of these are sent to colleges for review.

So perhaps "leaving exams" affect your class rank more than your GPA. If that is the case, in the common app there is a place to submit both your UWGPA and Class Rank. It's not one or the other if you have both to submit. Some schools do not have class rank so that would be the exception to the rule.

Hope that is useful.


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