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Does running a podcast in high school help you for college applications to top schools?


I run a podcast(I'm a sophomore) and it's available on 20+ platforms, has 5000+ views, and has been viewed in over 70+ countries. I am majoring in Political Science in college, and my podcast is a historical podcast that does biographies on famous people. Would this help my college app significantly, especially because I have these huge stats?

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6 months ago

No one here can tell you what will and won't help you significantly, other than the already obvious. You describe an impressive extracurricular, but college admissions are unpredictable. Sometimes, the most charismatic people you've met are outright rejected from their top choices. That's because decisions are often contingent on an interest the school has, and they'll almost never specify what that interest is. So, yes, your podcast can help, but my advice is simple. You should have an interest in colleges like colleges have an interest in you. It's not just about meeting a school's standards, but it's about the applicant and school finding a mutual interest in one another. If you get denied from your top choice, then so be it. It's much better to pursue what you want to do in high school and develop an authentic application. Not only will this help you with college admissions by making your extracurricular even more impressive, but it will prepare you for college and last as unregretted pursuit you took on.


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