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When you put your essays for review out here, how do we know someone won’t use it or take ideas from it for their own essays?


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2 months ago[edited]

For the essay review, the reviewer CANNOT copy from ANYTHING from the review (essays or comments). I once tried to copy something from a comment I made, and when I pasted, it said something to the effect of "don't copy from people's essays." Just to note, I was checking my own spelling.

I can guarantee you that the reviewer WILL take ideas from your essay for their own writing, and that's NOT a bad thing (and it's not in the way you'd think). For example, if you wrote your essay on your love of reading, I would intentionally NOT choose that topic, just to make sure I didn't use an overused topic. HOWEVER, for EVERY essay I give feedback on, I am taking mental notes on how to write my own essay. If I really liked the organization or flow of an essay, I might try to use that for my own. If I did not like a specific wording, I make a mental note to ensure I don't use that phrase in my future essays. ANYTHING any reader reads will affect what they write, and that is a GOOD THING. I DON'T think you need to worry about someone copying the exact topic of your essay (if only because they don't want to use an overused topic).

Does that make sense? Good luck on your essays!!!

2 months ago[edited]

I ask that question as well. When I was editing a peer's essay, I wanted to copy and paste a piece of information from their essay, and further explain how they should fix it in the feedback section, and collegevine, didn't allow me. I then read the letters at the bottom of the feedback section and it said this in red letters: 'You cannot copy from a peer's essay' or something like that. So, with this information, I will assure you, nobody will plagiarize from your essay, and if they do, someone will point it out, or even better, you may find it and report it. Something WILL happen to THEIR essay.

Good luck on your essay, and know that the college vine community is on your side!


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