2 months ago
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What's on your common app school list?

Share any/all! Don't be ashamed of the list.

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27 days ago

So I got Yale (ED), washu (ED2), Pomona, Wellesley, Williams, trinity, Duke, Harvard, Princeton, Swarthmore, Skidmore, tufts, Cornell, Colgate, Amherst.... and many more. Though I am still eliminating as I research the school websites.. The more the merrier?


2 months ago

Right now I know I'll apply to UMich, UNC, UVA, Wake Forest, UW Madison, and Purdue (and U of I; not on common app). Will add probably add 1-2 from the following: Notre Dame, Northeastern, BU, Case Western, NYU, Villanova, Boston College, Maryland. Still have to decide which. Hoping to major in biomedical science!


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