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AP vs dual enrollment

Is AP course better or dual enrollment course when comes to rigor for college admissions?


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2 months ago

It depends entirely on what the course is.

For example, taking Spanish 401 at your community college might be the same as taking AP Spanish at your HS so they are equivalent. However, if you took Spanish 101/102 at your community college that might be equivalent to say Spanish 2 at your HS, so in this case, AP Spanish is better. But let's say you had to choose between Multivariable Calculus at your CC versus AP Calc B/C, most would think the Multivariable Calc. is more rigorous than the AP course.

My list from hardest to easiest for rigor would be the following

-Taking a for-credit college course that is not dual-enrollment where you get a separate grade and transcript from the college is most impressive.

-Then taking hard dual-enrollment courses that are at levels above the APs available at your HS

-Then taking either Dual-enrollment or APs that are equivalent in difficulty

-Then taking APs that are actually harder than the available dual-enrollment course.

The caveat of course is if your HS offers classes that are harder than APs that are not APs. Some HSs have Linear Algebra, or Differential Equations, or a CS course in Data Structures & Algorithms or Digital Logic and Architecture. Now taking those is impressive.

2 months ago

At my high school, the highest ranking students (by GPA) take AP courses more often than dual enrollment, so I would think that AP would be considered more rigorous, but I could be wrong. Also many AP tests would give you more college credits than a dual enrollment class. Most AP tests you can at least get credit two college courses (at least at most of the colleges I'm looking at), while in dual enrollment you'd only get one college course out of the way.


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