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D for ivies

In my freshman year, i took hindi and got a D because it was my first high school exam and it got to my head but i took an advance class in my sophomore year for the same subject and got an A. How much does the D affect my chances for T10 schools?


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2 months ago

Well, you should now get it out of your head that it will matter much because you have already corrected the D to an A and that you can easily explain your lack of focus away in the "Add'l Info Section" of the common app when you apply to colleges because that's what that section is there for.

Although colleges love to just waive through students with perfect grades, perfect course rigor, perfect ECS, perfect essays, perfect recommendations, perfect test scores, and perfect intellectual curiosity/vitality, and those that come from perfectly reputable private boarding schools and perfect zip codes, etc. That doesn't make an incoming class interesting or viable or successful.

Imagine an incoming class is a like a "Salad", you need the basic greens, the athletic proteins, the superfood nuts and grains, the crunchy croutons, and smooth tangy salad dressing. The university is the big bowl that everything goes into and the admin is the tongs that mix it all up. Sometimes they don't get it perfect so they adjust it with some additional spices they get from the waitlist.

What colleges are looking for are future heroes and future donors that will make the colleges look good and propel them with fuel to fight another day. So you might think of yourself as breaking the mold rather than fitting the norm. You have a place at any university as long as you curate your narrative in a compelling way and use that "D" as permission to fail and challenge yourself and be the best version of yourself and not a crutch to have to make excuses for.

All colleges know that the best creators and inventors are experts at failing, not once but 1000s of times. It's what they learn from the failures and trials and tribulations that makes them great, not their stats or track record. So keep doing what you are doing and just don't repeat past mistakes. You certainly will make new ones in the future but learn how to move forward and adapt and learn from them.

You have plenty of time to show admissions officers that perhaps this was just a blip or bug you had to work out of your system not a sign of your potential.

Good luck

2 months ago

Hi there,

In this situation, I'd recommend working with your high school counselor or teacher to determine your school's policy in these situations. If there is an option to retake the course over summer or retake the final, I would definitely recommend this option.

If not, you can still apply to the Ivies, and write about the circumstances that led to this occurrence in the Additional Information section. I would also recommend applying to a number of target and safety schools that historically accept students with D's on their transcript.

Hope this helps!


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