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Hi guys! I'm a homeschooled sophomore this year. For the past few months, I've been researching the college admissions process and exploring colleges. At first glance, I decided I'd apply to all safety schools. Then I realized how good I did as a Freshman in Public School in North Carolina. I had all A's and a 4.0 GPA, but, I didn't have any extracurricular activities. I just did lots of programming/coding and learned German during my free time.

Now I'm thinking of applying to some Hard Target, Target, and Reach schools. UCLA, UW-Seattle, and UT @ Austin. Do these schools care about extracurriculars? If so, how should I improve?


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2 months ago

Hi! In general, yes any school and especially reach schools will care about extracurriculars. As someone else mentioned, if you're homeschooled try and get involved in ECs in the community through community service or after school programs for high schoolers. I wasn't homeschooled but I did do extracurriculars outside of high school relating to politics and activism, so I'm sure there are things you can do in your community geared towards high schoolers. Make sure to find things you're genuinely interested in that you can devote time to, colleges want to see that you have interests and passions outside of doing schoolwork.

2 months ago

First off, congrats on being a homeschooler. I myself am a homeschooler and it's always nice to meet another one. And yes, all of the colleges on your list care about extracurriculars. If you did coding, then you could list that as an extracurricular hobby. A few things you could do would be to pick up a musical instrument and join a band (homeschool bands exist), join a club for something you are interested in (like coding), or learn a sport. If you have a 4.0 GPA but don't have any extracurricular activities, then you will have much less of a chance of being accepted. Good luck, hope this helps!


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