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How can I add an visual arts supplement to my application (format) and make it stand out?

I'm planning on adding a hand lettering portfolio to my application since I've done it throughout high school and really like my art. Does anyone know about/have experience with submitting a visual art portfolio? Please also include any tips on how to make it stand out and really add something significant to my application. Thanks!


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10 days ago

Hi there! I have submitted an art portfolio to get into higher art classes, such as honours or AP art. It was stressful because I didn't get in and I moved schools.

Most portfolios have a certain format. There could be a word limit or an art limit. Some contain a certain size and video format. It all depends.

To help you out, I'd say, be yourself. Since you enjoy hand lettering, make it unique! Create words using butterflies, or make elvish font! It's really up to your creativity and uniqueness!


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