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I'm currently a sophomore in High School planning to study in a CS field. As an extracurricular, I

contribute to research as a citizen scientist. I have completed projects with NASA that have and will be publicly published. I'm currently doing more research with NASA at the moment. Would this be a good extracurricular to add to my college applications?


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11 days ago

A good extracurricular is an extracurricular that gives you a great impact for you. So, what do you think about it? Does it have a big impact to your self improvement? Do you enjoy it? What makes it so special?

For me personally, it sounds good. NASA is a worldwide reputable organization, and of course it's a great opportunity to have your project there.

The key is your elaboration in your application. If you can tell your unique story about it, then just write it as your extracurricular!

10 days ago

Of course! This sounds like a very impressive activity. (Not everyone gets their research with.. NASA(!!) published, or gets anything published at all!) And, as an added bonus, it’s at least somewhat related to your intended major given that both CS and scientific research are within the STEM umbrella. That’s not to say that all of your extracurricular need to be in STEM or directly related to CS, but it’s good to have at least a few!

For more information on what makes an impressive extracurricular resume, check out my video on CollegeVine’s YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/30evWEhB21E.

11 days ago

Short answer: yes!

That sounds really cool and it's a great accomplishment to be able to have projects and research published with NASA. Since you're a sophomore, I'd recommend taking notes even now so that you remember what you did, things you learned, etc. You can then use those notes to refresh your memory or as part of the things you write in your activities list and essays once you apply in senior year.

Hope this helped!


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