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Chemical Engineering program

Any one recommend a good college for chemical engineering other than the T20. Want to add one more safety school to apply with a good chem engineering program.


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2 months ago

In order of descending order, here are some excellent colleges where you can major in Chem. Engineering

- #38 University of Texas @ Austin

- #38 Georgia Tech

- #42 U of Wisconsin Madison

- #47 U of Illinois Urbana

-#68 U of Minnesota Twin Cities

- #79 NC State

- #93 U of Delaware

All these would be on the Top 25 list for Chemical Engineering majors.

Hope this helps.

2 months ago

Hi! I don't personally have much knowledge on chemical engineering in particular, but our blogpost (https://blog.collegevine.com/the-list-of-all-u-s-colleges-with-a-chemical-engineering-major/) lists every college with a chemical engineering major. From there you can pick out the state schools which are great options for safeties, especially if you are in state. Find some and use the chancing engine to determine what your specific chances are and look at tuition rates for in-state vs. out of state (if a public university).

2 months ago

Hey, check out Arizona State University! ASU has a variety of excellent programs including Chemical Engineering! ASU also has an acceptance rate of 85%! So this school could be considered a safety school for almost every person!

Check out ASU at https://www.asu.edu/


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