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I go to the health-based high school to which when you graduate you'll either have a certificate or License (like Certified Med Assistant, Dental Assistant, Research and other strands similar,etc) so my current E.Cs are: Academic Decathlon, HOSA, Do Something Club, in National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

Do you think these E.Cs are enough to set me apart? or should I do more? like student government positions?

BTW: I'm not asking for a chance me I'm just curious to know if these E.Cs are good or should I do more (which I tried to avoid due to Ac Dec being so time-consuming but I'll figure it out somehow!), so please don't flag me by mistaking this question as a "chance me" question cuz it's not :)


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3 months ago

I think this question will be best answered, if possible, by someone who has graduated from a similar type of medical-vocational high school. Why? Because if they then applied to colleges where they could further apply their knowledge and gain more STEM/Health knowledge, they would know whether these colleges were impressed with their stats and accomplishments or not.

I personally feel if you are going to applying to the School of Nursing programs or a college that is well known for its preparatory courses for Medical school, these ECs are perfectly fine.

I think they will be on a light side if you are applying to an Ivy, Elite, or Top Liberal Arts Colleges, any T25 school. Why? Because you haven't shared that you have any Tier 1 or Tier 2 ECs that show leadership either at school, your community, or in an organization. There are many students who apply to T25 schools that are serving on advisory boards, hold top spots at their school like Editor in Chief of the School Newspaper, Student Body President, Captain of a Varsity Sport, 1st or 2nd Chair of Orchestra/Band, or started a non-profit to help the community during the pandemic. And in many cases, these applicants have 3 to 5 key ECS.

I hope my answer is helpful to you. Good Luck.


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