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I recently started writing poetry and stories on WriteTheWorld.com. This is a public website. Meaning anything I write, others can read and give feedback. So far I've written two pieces with more on the way.

Would this be considered an EC? If so, under what tier what this be?


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2 days ago

As @CameronBameron implied, this is most likely a tier 4 activity. How impressive it is depends a lot on how regularly you submit and how much feedback you get. (If you have thousands of people regularly enjoying and reviewing your work, that will look a lot more impressive than just one or two people, of course.) That said, even if this is just an occasional hobby of yours (and thus the lowest tier of ECs), it can still constitute a meaningful and productive experience for you, and you can still choose to write about it in your college essays if you wish to do so!

10 days ago

Yes, it's certainly an EC under the topic of "WRITING"

It would be either be a 3C or 4A for chancing purposes.

If you don't really keep up with it then a 4A but if you continue to submit your poetry, a 3C.

Hope that is helpful.

9 days ago

It would be considered an EC.

What are you planning to do with poetry? If you are planning on making money from it (like making a poetry book), you might have a hard time finding a publisher if your poems are already free for anyone to access. If you are just wanting to write poetry as a hobby (and not as a potential money-making venture), you can definitely keep using the site, but if not, I would advise against it. (Unless you want to indie publish, but you might still have a hard time finding anyone to buy a book that is already accessible for free.)


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