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Suggestion: Add a community for listing and commenting on profiles/EC's

Hi! I've been seeing quite a few borderline chance-me questions in the Admissions Advice community. I think it's definitely helpful sometimes because people can share how they think the student can grow their EC's or build a story/theme around their activities. However, I think it would be a lot better to have its own category (something like "Student Profiles") so people can share their EC's or profiles and help each other improve their overall application without flooding the Admissions Advice section. It would probably also be good to outline more explicitly what counts as a chance-me post (e.g. do you think I can get into X school with these EC's) vs a legitimate profile question/review (e.g. how can I improve my EC's to improve my chances at X school).


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3 months ago

Hi @HelloHome,

Thanks for your feedback and perspective on this! While we do support profile improvement posts, sometimes a student's wording can come across as chancing. We've decided against supporting chancing posts because many students feel they are competitive in nature and we want to build a really supportive community on CollegeVine.

So, for the time being, we will continue to answer profile improvement posts and flag chance-me posts. I agree that the phrasing can sometimes be misleading on either type of post, but we do our best to filter the posts and also respond in a way that caters to profile improvement and not chancing.

Hope this helps!


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