3 months ago
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does an A- in math affect a maybe pre-med?


i am in a dilemma. I love science, but I'm not great at math. Does this put me in a bad spot as a hopeful pre-med?

@Texas_Student3 months ago

Are you asking whether you will successfully complete the degree or if you will have issues getting accepted into that degree plan?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@McKellarr3 months ago

im asking if it will put be at a disadvantage for undergraduate admission

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3 months ago

I had the opposite problem! I got a B in physics and Environmental Science, but have straight A's in math. In my experience, it is not a big deal as long as you aren't planning on an ivy league, and even if you are, still apply! A single A- is definitely not going to kill your entire admissions profile. Make sure to present yourself as a well rounded student and continue to study and try to bring that grade up.

You got this!

3 months ago

If it's just one A-, then it won't completely break your application, though it will be a small con. Hopefully your success in science and excellence in other areas will make up for it, but I would try my best to work on your math skills because you'll need to study at least some advanced math for pre-med and med school. Overall, not too bad a spot since one A- isn't a big deal, but still work on getting an upward trend and continuously working on your math skills.

Hope this helped!


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