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Asking help for LOR from Internship sample

hi everyone! Would anyone be able to give me a sample recommendation letter from an internship for college admission? Would mean a lot to me! My mentor was having a problem with the formatting.


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16 days ago

Hi @sahinkhan,

I scoured our blog for relevant resources and found this article on writing a peer recommendation. The section How to Write a Rec Letter for a Friend will be useful content-wise if your recommender has never written a letter before.

Formatting-wise, the letter should be like a cover letter on a job application. The author can include a letterhead with their name at the very top and then include their mailing address and the recipient mailing address in the header. They should also include the date and address the greeting to "Admissions Committee at X University," switching it up for respective colleges if they're submitting to multiple schools for you.

The rest of the letter should be a multi-paragraph response that includes their relation to you towards the beginning. And finally, they should sign off the way you would sign off a letter - coincidentally, the way I've signed off this post.

Hope this helps!




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