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Unique Extracurricular ideas

It is extremely hard to stand out in the admission cycle, so here are some unique ideas for common majors!


-starting a medical charity

-stem textbook fundraising

-starting a summer camp for STEM


-make a museum exhibit

-write a novel

-start a spoken-word travel group


-Play a really unique instrument

-teach a unique instrument

-revive a unique art form in your community


-Become a small business advisor

-Build a marketing firm

-Create an economics magazine

hope this helped!

@MiseryToast417111 days ago

Thank you for this, a STEM summer camp is such a good idea. I'm definitely going to try to organize something like it for my community.

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12 days ago

These are great ideas! If you're also looking for unique ideas based on uncommon/common interests of yours outside of academics, I suggest trying to think out of the box. For example, I love to dance which is a very common interest many applicants may have. However, I started a freelance dancing business in my freshman yr where I got to work with musicians and other brands to promote their products/music. This is how I turned something very common into something unique!

12 days ago

Agreed! We also have a complete list of extracurriculars and a bunch that you can do at home.


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