14 days ago
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can i would be a student of a community college at my 15 years old

im now 15y and read in class 10. does it would be the time to apply in a community college.


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13 days ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! Typically age isn't the only factor that qualifies you to apply to a community college -- being 15 years old is totally ok. Most community colleges and universities will require that you have a high school diploma before you enroll as a student. That being said, if you were interested in taking classes at the community college, this is definitely possible! I would suggest reaching out to your school guidance counselor or the admissions office at your target community college to see more about the process. The classes you could take may be summer courses for no-credit or semester long courses for high school/college credit.

Hope this helps!

10 days ago

I am also fifteen and take classes at my local community college. Luckily, I have a great school counselor who helped pull some strings, as the requirement for dual-enrollment was 16-years-old.

To show that you are up to college, send credentials (the ones that make you look good). This could be your latest transcript or standardized test scores. Maybe point out that you take/took APs and just want to branch out, or if your school doesn't offer APs, point that out and say you want to broaden your horizon. Maybe even send a letter of recommendation. Before doing anything, figure out your local community college's policies and talk to a counselor/teachers - really just anyone who works in that area.

That being said, after being accepted to one college, another one turned me away. It may depend on how flexible your community college is.

Good luck!


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