2 months ago
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How should I order these two honors/awards entries? How much does the order matter?

Two of the honors/awards I'm including in my honors section are the following:

- Singer, [Event Name] (~60,000 people), National (Grade 9)

- Top-500 Global Leaderboard (ranked #88 of ~724,000 for Top Speed), Type Rush (global typing league), International (Grade 11/12)

I'm honestly not sure which of these would be better to put higher. On the one hand, music is more important to me but I think a global ranking in this typing niche might be more impressive? There's also the factor of the typing award being more recent but then again all big performances were canceled because of Covid so it might be understandable that I only have one from 9th grade and nothing more recent?

Also, how much does the order matter?

Thanks in advance to anyone who weighs in!


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2 months ago

Hey @HelloHome! Thanks for sharing this question.

Given your interests in music and it holding more importance to you over the typing award, I'd suggest placing music first. It definitely shows you have talent and drive outside of the classroom.

I don't think the order matters too much for awards unless you're intentionally trying to show progression towards more prominent awards over time, so I wouldn't overthink the order too much.

I hope this helps!

2 months ago

In all honesty, I don't think colleges care about your typing speed. It doesn't tell them anything about you. Definitely put the singing event higher - it shows off your talents more effectively.


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