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how can i waive my community college admission fees

its become a hardship for me to give admission fees. how can i waive the admission fees in the community college . im an international student and i cant pay the admiission fees. i cant afford it so i use to make a common app accounts and there i searched but cant found any community college. what should i do to waive the fees

@22gibsond7 days ago

Unless your school or government assists you, you have to pay the fees. This happened to me, and I could only take one.

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6 days ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question. A great place to start is by directly contacting the admissions departments of the schools you want to apply for. They may offer "fee waivers", especially if you have demonstrated financial need when applying to their college. They may request a copy of your CSS profile (which is the form colleges use to assess international students' need for financial aid).

I would also recommend checking out these two blog posts: The Complete Guide to Fee Waivers and How to Receive a Common App Fee Waiver

Hope this helps!

6 days ago

I'm pretty sure the common app doesn't even have community colleges in it, I think they have their own separate portals. While I understand the hardship of paying for fees, if you contact the college and neither they nor the government will help them, as @22gibsond said, you're out of luck. But also, realize that those prices are very low compared to the actual admission prices, so if you can't afford that, you may not be able to afford community college either (it's roughly $5-7k for out-of-state community colleges/year).


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