9 days ago
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how to took english exam for free

im researching to some college and thy want toefl score, they also can offer the dualingdo exam either, dualingdo is fair and less expensive but i cant afford the price. can i took any english exam that would be free ,


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2 answers

4 days ago

Thanks for reaching out about this. It looks like you've already received a really great response on this, but I wanted to chime in and reiterate that many test centers have options available for low income students. They may offer a fee waiver or a price reduction, so I encourage you to check in on any local centers that could help!

9 days ago

I don't know if you can take it for free but the testing center might have some options for students in need like you. Go talk to them and see if they can help you with a solution. Also, I recently won the sophomore scholarship so you might want to enter into that on this website for a chance to get a little money to help you get to your dream school.


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