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What are some of the best extra curriculars for some one interested in music and writing

I am a junior at high school in India. I play multiple instruments, can sing and have an interest in theatre, too. But, my school or community has no drama, music or writing club. I love Broadway, too but there is only so much I can do here.

I get A's consistently and am in top % of students in my grade. There are a total of of 800 studets in my year. I am studying History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology and English. I also am a part of National Social Service and do community work.

But, I am interested in a creative pursuit. I am looking into NaNoWriMo and am a finalist in an national-level Writing Contest (results undeclared yet). I would love to know how to improve my extra curriculars. I'd love to be in Drama Club but our school has no such amenity.

Does having no clubs/ groups play a role in admissions? Because, in India, there are not many schools that have 'em.

Are there International Online groups/ competitions that are acclaimed that I can be a part of?

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Hi there @aaravisaac,

Having extracurriculars related to your prospective major is a great way to show colleges that you have explored your passions and interests outside of the required academic curriculum. That being said, not every applicant has the same access to resources that will allow them to pursue this through their high school via clubs and other extracurriculars. This is where self-driven activities come in. Self-driven activities, or passion projects, are ways for students to demonstrate that they have the intellectual curiosity and the drive to explore their passions, even when a structured organization or “easy-entry” means of exploring these interests is not accessible to them. In many ways, pursuing one of these activities demonstrates better character traits to admissions committees than simply joining a club.

I have linked a couple of our blog articles with example extracurriculars for writing and music below. I’ve also linked one about self-driven activities in general that you might find helpful.




Hope this helps!

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The importance of extracurriculars really depends on the school. But since you are really interested in music, participating in related clubs would show that you really are passionate about it. Being in clubs shows that you are “well rounded” and that you do things that are not only related to your academics. I would say try to bring this up to a teacher/your school, maybe you can start a club yourself and I’m sure your peers also want clubs too— maybe talk to some of them. There are lots of things online that you can do too! Do some research


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