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How can I improve my extracurriculars?

Hey, I'm a freshman international student (British curriculum school) and I wanted to ask for ways to improve my extracurricular profile and find a spike. I'd like to either study economics or film (vague, I know but I'm incredibly undecisive) at an Ivy league university, or somewhere of similar caliber.

Right now, my extracurriculars are very spread out, and I'm looking for ways to improve that. The only spike-y activity that I do is a competition (World Scholar's Cup) where you study a curriculum then get tested on it, as well as debating and writing about topics from the curriculum. I've gotten very good at it, and I came 1st in my division this year at the regional round and the global round (approximately 500 and 600 people attending, respectively). I'd like to do some sort of coaching/youtube channel/blog to instruct other kids on how to prepare, but it's not very popular in the US (more so in Asia), which is why I'm not sure if I should make it my spike.

The rest of my ECs are pretty generic tier 4 activities:

- I do MUN (no leadership positions though)

- Debate team (I've won an award at regional competition which makes it a bit less tier 4ish, but because of COVID it's hard to participate in competitions now)

- writing for my school newspaper

- I have a blog, but I just started so it's not important enough to count towards anything

- I cycle, although I've only been in one competition, where I placed pretty well for my first time

- I play netball inside and outside school, and I've represented both teams in tournaments and competitions

- I also do basketball, and I played for my school in matches

- I've led 2 fundraisers (both for the same cause though they didn't raise a significant amount)

- piano (working towards ABRSM grade 4)

- violin (working towards ABRSM grade 2)

- I'm on the media team and the charity committee, but they're just low positions

I'm having a really hard time thinking of ways I can improve my current EC's since they're all pretty low level, and any suggestions would be super helpful!

Thank you so much!

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Hello, I would suggest that maybe you could try to focus on a few things which you're willing to go all out in. Also, maybe try starting a club in something you're interested in to show your leadership skills. I think that starting a blog or a YouTube channel would actually help you, as a long as you have enough views, and it could become your spike. If not, you could try to start a tutoring business online or in person. You could also try to take a college course in a local community college which may help. Internships are also great if you can get one. You have plenty of time left as a freshman, and this seems great so far! Good luck!


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