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2 years ago
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top tier schools

I am a raising junior- when I try to do chance for top tier schools like UT, Georgia tech, UC schools it gives me as reach below 20%.

I have good gpa (4.0) and taking lot of AP classes as well. Still have not taken SAT/ACT yet, plan to do this fall. Targeting ACT score of 33/34.

Here are my EC- not sure if they are enough,

do I have chance at these schools-

Band 5 years with leadership role

100+ hours of Volunteer at library and teen court

BPA member- participated in web site design, went to state last year.

NHS Member

Summer coding classes - Java, Java script

8+ years Piano - lots of awards and play at charity events and old age center.

working on a personal project -website on education on mental disorders.

@cp8392 years ago

have you included the score you hope to get on the SAT/ACT in the chancing formula?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@hraj2 years ago


@cp8392 years ago

Try doing that and then see what your chances are. Tests are a fairly significant part of the formula.

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