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Major in chemical engineering or Business

Hi, I am raising junior and have a question about major in chemical engineering. I like science and have taken AP Bio and chem honors last year and in junior year will be taking AP chem as well. But I am not sure what EC’s, I should focus on to show colleges that I want to major in this area. Other than being in Clubs like science Olympiad etc...Any insights what EC’s stand out for chemical engineering.

Other major I am thinking is Business, but not very sure as it is so vast.


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Okay, so firstly, I'd just like to warn you that chemical engineering is much more math/physics heavy than it is biology/chemistry heavy. Yes, chemical engineering has a heavy chemistry tilt, but you will end up taking more physics courses, so make sure you are comfortable with it.

In terms of a possible extracurricular, I would suggest possibly doing a Science Fair project and enter into your regional science fair competition. If you do well enough, you could qualify for your state science fair, or even ISEF, which is a very prestigious international research project showcase.

Also, you may want to take a look at doing the chemistry olympiad and trying to score on a state or national ranking.

I'm sorry but I'm not well versed in business extracurriculars, but things such as speech and debate, or DECA should help.

a year ago[edited]

So for Chem Engineering I’d look at a STEM based research opportunity or a chemistry related STEM club. A chem engineering blog podcast YT channel also is a good idea. Also look into any related stem club at high school specifically for engineering or high level math as engineering is broad and can be very useful and math is the foundation for engineering.

As for buisness I’d need to know what area you are looking at to give some suggestions.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

Edit: fixed spelling and added on a bit more :-)


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