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08/01/2020 at 05:15PM

EC Question

Hi I am raising junior, due to COVID, my school is going to be virtual this semester and might extend so not really sure on how to pursue with EC’s or leadership this year. Are there any suggestions to pursue anything online, not sure how anything will stand out for next year applications. I am in band and BPA currently in school.

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08/01/2020 at 11:11PM

Start a blog, maybe do an independent research project, you may even be able to start a club at home and conduct it virtually. There will likely be many clubs at your school that will continue to be done virtually, like academic clubs, so look out for those. There are probably many volunteer opportunities as well in your community. Ask your friends and see what people in your school are doing. Remember everyone is in the same situation so you're not the only one struggling to find ECs.

Accepted Answer
08/02/2020 at 05:49AM

Colleges love when students demonstrate initiative, so they'll most likely be looking at how you've spent your extra time due to covid cancellations. Use this as an opportunity to start a project you're passionate about and preferably related to your prospective major. That could be something like writing a book, starting a podcast, founding a non-profit, or working on a independent scientific paper, just to name a few. It could be as small as just volunteering at your local food bank, especially now more than ever, or doing virtual volunteer work (there's tons of resources out there to find a virtual volunteer opportunity that strikes your interest). You could also find a state or national competition that requires a particularly time-consuming entry and focus your energy on that (The National History Day Competition comes to mind but there are plenty of other competitions in other fields). Leadership in clubs/extracurriculars isn't the only way to show colleges you're a natural leader and, most likely, whatever project you decide to do will probably stand out to admissions officers more than just being a leader of a club. Plus, you'll have actually made a real-world impact. Hope this helps!