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Question about Business major

Hi, raising junior here- Till now I have not really decided what major I want to do in college, leaning towards Business maybe- I have not taken any special classes related to Business.

I took or will be taking all honors/AP classes mostly related to Math/sciences/Eng/Social studies and have good GPA. My question is, is there anything related to Business I should do or take classes as senior to show interest in it. Will that help?


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a year ago

So as CP said any advanced classes related to finance or buisness AP Micro and Macro economics are great ones. Also DECA is a club to seriously consider as it is a little of everything you’d find in a typical buisness school and it also has competitions.

Also you can see if you can get a job or internship and while a job may not be practical it does teach important lessons and if you want to interact with customers it is likely a very valuable expierence and you get paid.

An internship can be un/paid but it is more buisness school related whether the internship is with a family run buisness or a large company it is something to look into.

a year ago

You should definitely take business classes. Otherwise why are you even interested in business? One important thing that colleges(especially top ones) look for is how you have demonstrated interest in the major you want to pursue. So you should definitely take some business classes and do business related activities. Some activities could include DECA, starting a business related club at your school, starting a business, etc. But you absolutely need to show why you want to do business from your classes and activities.


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