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Which CSU schools are best for music majors?


I will major in music and would like to know which CSU campuses are best for me. Does anyone have any knowledge on this they can share?


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If you mean California State University, then the best ones are:

CSU Northridge- This is where most music educators go to college and has a good amount of influence in the music world. They also have concentrations in film scoring and jazz (many famous jazz players are professors here).

Cal Poly SLO - while famous for engineering and architecture, Cal Poly SLO brings its hands-on approach to music education as well.

SJSU - This college has 56 undergrads which is larger for a CSU campus, and San Jose boasts access to the bay area jobs market.

56? Pleas clarify
Music is not a popular major on most CSU campuses, so 56 undergraduate students is a pretty large amount.
Ah I would music would have been in the mid 100s in terms of enrollment
UCLA has large music department (400-500 students)