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Does this mean I have to take the SAT exam on 19th September even though I have registered for the October 3rd SAT exam?


I am an international student who registered for taking the October 3rd SAT I exam from country named Bangladesh. My test center is International Turkish Hope (Center Code: 74124).

Whenever I visit collegboard's Test Closure Page, It Says - "Makeup to be administered on 09/19/2020"

Does this mean my I have to take the SAT exam on 19th September? Even though I have registered for the October 3rd SAT exam?

In my updated admission ticket on collegeboard's website it says my SAT exam will be taken on 3rd October.


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The test centers that are listed as closed on the college board website are for the September SAT administration. That means that your test center will be closed for the September SAT and makeups for the September SAT will be administered on the given date. Your SAT in October however is currently NOT cancelled. Check the collegeboard website again in October after the September SAT and the test center closures will be updated for the October administration, when you are planning to take it.

Yes this is correct. The college board test center closure website contains the most accurate and up to date information.
Thank you so much but you actually meant 19th September, right?
Ok wait I had a misconception. I thought that you were taking the sat is September. The test centers closed on the College board website are for the September SAT, NOT the October SAT when you are taking it. So your test center will not be administering the Sept SAT. But as of now they will be administering the Oct SAT when you are taking it.
So yes your SAT scheduled for October is still on as of now. Check the website again in October when it is updated for the October cycle to see if it is closed then.
I'll edit my answer
Thank you so much. Yeah, now I understand. The collegeboard's test closure page only listed for the August and September's SAT and SAT Subject Tests. That page does not include Test center closings for October and beyond. These will be listed in the weeks before each test date. So as I have registered for October 3rd's test date. I don't need to worry but I need to check regularly emails and collegeboard's closure page for further updates. Right?
Yes correct. Check again after the September SAT and it should give you info for the October administration
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I don't think so. Your ticket says October 3rd, and this means you are going to take the test on October 3rd. Anyway, there is no SAT test on September 19; The date before Oct. 3 is Sep. 26. So I don't think it's something to worry about. Nevertheless, You should double check and ask others.

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I actually should double-check. I emailed the Collegeboard 2 weeks ago but they are not replying back. That's why I am worried.
The registration ticket is not always updated for these makeups this quickly