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Chancing Calculator for California Colleges

I was using the CollegeVine chancing calculator to add some potential colleges to my list. When doing so, I noticed that the calculator seemed to give unusually high percentages of me getting into schools in California. For example, Pomona and Claremont McKenna are listed as targets and Harvey Mudd even as a safety. On the other hand, similar liberal arts colleges on the east coast such as Amherst and Williams are all listed as long-reach. I've tried changing my location, race, and intended major already. While that significantly impacts the chancing for east coast schools, the west coast ones don't budge.

As a female Asian-American on the east coast, I've grown used to all of my dream schools being classified as long-reaches, so I was happy but surprised to see that I supposedly had an 80% chance of getting into Pomona. My question is, what factors are really at play here? Does the calculator account for specific extracurricular combos, or do California schools have a special formula that's different from East coast schools? Perhaps they value test scores and grades a bit more? My test scores are generally pretty high, although my extracurricular profile isn't as strong.

If anyone is familiar with the schools I've listed above, please let me know. I'm curious to see if I genuinely have more of a chance at Californian schools, or if the calculator is just messing around with me.

@arielUC2510 months ago

Pomona, CMC, and Harvey Mudd are all reaches. Maybe targets if your stats are really good.

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10 months ago

So tbh the calculator is probably a bit uhh screwy in the head. No matter what HMC CMC are targets in a dream scenario and is likely under that. Pomona I’m not familiar enough to say as I’m thinking you aren’t talking about CSU Pomona and I can’t speak for Pomona.

But generally if you want more info about a schools policies either Email them or email support@collegevine.com. Honestly for ECs only the tier matters and I’m pretty sure Cv uses public stats to get averages and then uses your stats to see how you compare.

Also it doesn’t account for essays rec letters etc so while it’s the best available anywhere it’s still flawed.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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