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Additional Info Section - how to talk about natural disaster and should I talk about alcoholic parent

There was a natural disaster in August that caused significant damage in my city and state and I was without power/Internet for a week and had to help my family with cleanup. I don't want to make excuses since was without power/Internet for only a week, but school started later and it's just been one more challenge for 2020. I don't know how to write about this in the additional info part without seeming like I'm whining so do I just leave it off? It seems like it could be useful info for colleges admissions, but maybe not. I also have a parent who is alcoholic and not sure if I should mention this or not. I don't want to seem like complaining so I don't know if I should write about these things or not and if so, how to do it with brevity in a way that could be meaningful to admissions committee.


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I would write about both things in the additional info section of the Common or Coalition app.

These are not trivial things, especially the parent with the substance abuse problem because it affects your ability to perform well in school.

Everyone child deserves a parent who is present, supports, and mentors them, and gives them the home environment required to allow the student to thrive. When you have a parent that is struggling and flaky, it is not a positive influence on better your own personal life and condition.

Good luck with that and please post the essay in the Peer Review as an Add info essay if you need some feedback and comments.


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