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Should I wait to submit the FAFSA or do it now before school applications?


I only know for sure right now two schools I am applying to. Should I submit the 2 schools now on the FAFSA to get it in there, or wait until I have all 10 of my schools? I saw in there you can add and delete schools, but it’s making me nervous that I will mess it up somehow and the 2 schools will somehow get deleted if I do it now and then in awhile add the other schools. Advise please. Thank you.


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You should submit the FAFSA now to those two schools. Once it's approved and you decide on the rest of your schools, add the rest of them. It's ok if you delete those two schools from the list of schools on FAFSA because they will have already received a copy of your financial aid information. You will have to make sure that they get added again if you make any changes to the other information included in the FAFSA, but if you don't change that information, it's fine if they get deleted from it.

(I'm applying to 13 schools, FAFSA only lets you list 10 at a time, so I listed 10, and then when I got an email saying my FAFSA information was approved/accepted, I deleted 3 schools from the list and added the 3 that weren't there in the beginning.)

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Pretty sure you should submit the 2 schools on the FAFSA form now. I am applying to 21 schools and I had to submit one FAFSA form with 10 schools, had to wait for it to be accepted then submitted another form with 10 schools, wait for it to be accepted, and then another form with the rest.