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03/16/2020 at 07:34PM
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What clubs/activities do you have at your school?

Im trying to improve my EC profile but there aren’t too many options currently at my school except for sports (which I'm not very good at), art/literature, JROTC and music (which don’t align with my interests). I’m hoping to start a club at school, possibly robotics or engineering, but I’d like to get a better sense of whats out there. Does anyone have examples of activities like these at their school and the sort of structure these clubs have?


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2 answers

03/20/2020 at 02:17PM

Both robotics and engineering clubs could take a lot of interest and work to get started like @jcdenton said, but if you can find the people to do it it's probably worth your time. I did find this article,, which has some ideas for clubs in it. It also has a few competitions you could sign up for and some other ECs which might interest you.

Otherwise I would look around your community. Maybe there are groups already that focus on what you like? Or maybe if you have trouble starting a club at school you can start something at your local library? Like run a small class for kids where you teach very basic things about robotics/engineering and then you build something at the end. Check what's in the area and reach out to any place/person who you think might be interested in working/collaborating with you.

03/17/2020 at 04:38PM

Starting a robotics team would be huge but that's a big undertaking, you'd probably need lots of interested friends and some teachers on-board as well. For things that might be smaller, search around your community for different science or engineering competitions or contests that you could make a team for. Maybe things like National Science Bowl or something like that.


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