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Seems like college vine chancing calculator has changed significantly related to being test optional for SAT/ACT for 2021 applications and due to pandemic going on. Currently chances show significant increase as close to 30% or more than before.

Lot of schools may revert back to test regular for 2022 and beyond. So wondering if this chancing calculator may not be accurate for 2022 and beyond applicants. Any one has any insight into this.


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9 months ago

Hey @hraj, you're definitely right here! Chances have increased for most people because of the way the algorithm currently calculates admission chances due to so many schools going test optional. You're also right that schools may choose to go back to using test scores in the admissions process for 2022 and beyond but, until we know how schools decide to act, the best we can do is account for the admissions process as it currently stands.

As soon as the regular admissions deadline passes for this year, we’ll shift our focus to underclassmen and you can expect more updates to our chancing engine at that time. We are constantly working to update our algorithm to reflect current trends, happenings, and admission results in the college application world. If you're in the class of 2022 or later the chances are high that you will see your chances change multiple times over the coming year(s) due to this fact. While it might be best to take your current chancing results with a grain of salt you should know that things will become more accurate as you get closer to graduation.

You can explore the detailed chancing breakdowns for an idea of what the median demographics-adjusted stats are for standardized tests. If you're interested in doing that you just need to go to a school-detail page and then go to the chancing tab. There you can see the what the average score is for a school based on your specific demographics. While we don't have any profile review livestreams scheduled for this week, I'd recommend keeping an eye out for them in the future as they're definitely informative. You can also catch up on past ones we've held using this link: https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/playlist/profile-reviews.

Happy to clarify further if needed or answer any other questions you might have!


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