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Congressional Award


Throughout my high school career, I have been working towards an award known as the Congressional Award and I am aiming for the Gold Medal. This award is given to high school students who complete 400 hours of service, 200 hours of personations, l development, and 200 hours of physical fitness. Now that I have started thinking about college applications, I was wondering how much this award will impact my college applications. How impressive is this award for top-tier colleges and Ivy League schools? Would this be a stand-out factor for college admissions?


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Pretty impressive! I think that the award is a testament to your academic commitment, so make sure that you clearly connect all of the actual things that you did to achieve these hours of service. Especially if you started some initiatives to achieve this award and/or went really "deep" in the actual activities that you did, this award will be the "cherry on top" to prove that you have serious extracurricular achievement.

Best of luck!

Yes. For this award, I did start a couple of initiatives that got significant participants. Thanks for the response