9 months ago
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Which non STEM summer programs will help my college application?

Looking for worthwhile summer programs following junior year. Interests are foreign languages, French, Spanish, other, overseas, service trips, volunteerism, etc

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9 months ago

TASP is an amazing summer program for rising seniors. It's extremely competitive, but I highly recommend applying! And if you get in, it's 100% free.

You could also consider traveling abroad, since you're interested in foreign languages. The CEA program is really great and has a ton of options, so I would check that out: https://www.ceastudyabroad.com/

There are also plenty of articles online listing good summer programs that aren't STEM related. Just a Google search should do.

Hope this helps!

9 months ago

If you have the financial possibility, I'll suggest you LaunchX. It's an amazing program originally concieved by MiT.


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