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Is honor roll considered as taking part of an academic honor society?

I'm trying to apply for the SAT in June and it's asking me to check boxes for activities that I've partaken in. I've received honor roll in all semesters for 3 years in a row (I'm a junior), does this count as being part of an academic honor society? I've never joined anything like NHS so if that's what it means I will, unfortunately, have to uncheck the box :(

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9 months ago

An academic honor society is like a club, where you have to join in order to be considered a part of an academic honor society. You can place your honor roll status on your awards list, but that unfortunately doesn't count as an academic honor society. To put it simply, you got the academic honor, but you didn't join the society, so it doesn't count as taking part in an academic honor society. I hope this was clear and helpful. Good luck!


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