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Does dual credit make up for a lack of extracurriculars and AP classes?

I am a junior at a private school in Texas, my school only offered 1 AP class (Human Geography) in 9th grade and honors Arabic for all 4 years of high school. Our school is also a collegiate academy, so for the junior and senior year we only take 3 classes at school (two of them being religious and the other being Arabic) along with dual credit. By the time I graduate high school, I should have my Associate's degree. I'm wondering if because my school didn't offer anything more, my academic profile would still look strong and colleges will look at the fact that I have an Associate's degree at 16.

I have a decent amount of extracurriculars but nothing great. I have 70+ hours of volunteering, started an activism club, marketing and PR head for my school's team of a national tournament (raised $2k), won second place and qualified for nationals in MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament), took part in student council throughout high school (current vice president and hoping to run for president next year), fluent in Arabic and Bengali (reading and writing too), and a couple of other smaller things. I know this is great for college but I want to aim for a couple of prestigious schools so I was wondering if the dual credit would help since my extracurriculars are now limited because of Covid.

Sorry, this is sort of long, but any help is appreciated!


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11 months ago

Most colleges want you to take the most rigorous classes available to you. If in your case that means college classes instead of AP I think most schools will be fine with that. After all, there are several types of non-traditional students that might also have rigorous classes but not AP credits (such as homeschoolers and international students). If you are worried about it you can ask the schools you are interested in, but ultimately you can only take the classes you have available to you. I am no expert on extracurriculars but I think yours are fine. Hope this helps!


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