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Does the idea of an upward/downward curve still apply for really small differences in grades?

My grades fluctuate between 96-100 each quarter. If my grade in a certain subject goes down from one quarter to the next (For example: Q1 - 100, Q2 - 98, Q3 - 98, Q4 - 97), would this be considered a downward curve/trend and somehow impact my applications negatively or would it be negligible because they're all still within the designated range for a 4.0 on a 4-scale? I'm especially concerned about changes from grade to grade (For example: Grade 9 - 100, Grade 10 - 98, Grade 11 - 96). What does this say to admissions officers? Would they care about this? Thank you so much for your help!


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9 months ago

Congrats on such great grades! Such a small change would probably be negligible to admissions officers. You mentioned that all of those scores are a 4.0, essentially an A, so I doubt it'll have any impact. Courses get harder as the year goes on because there is more information to remember and synthesize together. A test/exam at the beginning of the year might only cover a few chapters, where a test/exam at the end of the year often covers many more. Your small changes in grades are much better than a downward trend from 100s to 90s to 80s.


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