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How can I mix Engineering with Music/Theatre Arts? What schools would be best for this?

Hi, I am a sophomore in High school. I am really interested in Engineering and Musical theatre things like writing songs, singing, playing instruments and also listening to music. Is there a way that I can incorporate these two interests into a major or career path? I also just moved to America last year so I am a bit new to the educational system here. I just want to know some ideas on how to do these two things at a college and also any good school that would be great for this. Thank you.

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11 months ago

Off the top of my head, I'd say Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh PA. They have one of the best engineering schools and a great school of drama which I think is even ranked higher than their engineering school. My dad went there.



The other thing you can do is apply to my future school Columbia University. You can apply to the FU School of engineering and do a dual degree at Julliard at Lincoln Center. I know a friend of a friend that is doing that.

And the last suggestion I have is NYU.



If you are serious about both, I would only look at schools that have access to great theatre districts or larger cities.

So in California that would be like UCLA, USC, and UCSD.

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