9 months ago
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neuclear engeenering depertment >how many sat subject test i would give in 1 time to got to mit nuclear engeenering

im want to be a student of massuchuttes information and technology \mit in the depertment of nuclear engeenering . how many sat subject test i have to give to got to mit . how many sat like

1. sat >1600 marks

2. sat subject test

tell me the name of sat subject test that i have to get in nuclear engeeniring depertment

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9 months ago

MIT doesn't require the SAT Subject Tests, but these are helpful. For your major, I would suggest Physics and Maths Level 2. These are very related to nuclear engineering and suitable for MIT, as it is a STEM-focused school. If Maths Level 2 is too hard, then Maths Level 1 would also work (I initially suggested Level 2 because it's more challenging).

Hope this helps.

9 months ago

Currently, MIT has no SAT subject test requirements because they eliminated them this admissions cycle. Since College Board, the company that administers these tests has announced this week the phase-out of all SAT II Subject tests, you can assume that no American college will require them in the future.



Their average SAT score for the middle 50% of admits is a 1550 composite score. The most common score is 750 Verbal, 800 Math.


One deficiency you need to address is your ability to write in English better. You have made many spelling and grammatical mistakes just writing out a few sentences. This would not go unnoticed by MIT.

-neuclear should be capitalized at the being of a sentence and spelled Nuclear

-engeenering should also be capitalized since it is part of the title and spelled Engineering

-depertment should also be capitalized and spelled Department

-im is not a proper use here. Rather, you would write "I wish" to be, or "I would like to attend"

-> is not a grammatically correct

-Begin each sentence with a Capitalized word not a lower case word.

-End each sentence with the correct punctuation. If it's a question, add a question mark "?" Otherwise, add a period"." one space not two spaces after the written sentence.

-"how many sat subject test i would give in 1 time to got to mit nuclear engeenering" or "how many sat subject test i have to give to got to mit ." are not proper sentences. Instead, you would write "How many SAT Subject II tests are required by MIT's Department of Nuclear Engineering?" ending with a question mark.

-massuchuttes should be capitalized and spelled Massachusetts

-"how many sat like" is not a proper sentence. You would ask "What type of SAT tests are required?"

-"1. sat >1600 marks" doesn't make sense written that way. Instead, you would ask, "Out of 1600 maximum points, what kind of SAT score do I need?"

-"tell me the name of sat subject test that i have to get in nuclear engeeniring depertment" is not a proper sentence. Instead, you would write "Please let me know what kind of SAT II Subject Tests are recommended for this college major?"

I don't know if other people have told you about improving your writing ability but it is very important regardless of where you apply and what you study in the future. I wish you all the best in your college preparation.

9 months ago

Chem, physics and math level 2 tends to be the best for most stem related majors like nuclear engineering. Though you should know that they are cancelling sat 2 tests soon so they are gonna be of little importance. Check https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1254694


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