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What is a good math SAT score?

The highest score possible on the math section of the SAT is an 800. Based on the College and Career Readiness Benchmark for the current SAT, the benchmark score is 530. This benchmark means that there is a 75% likelihood of achieving a C or higher in related, first-semester, credit-bearing college courses.

While it’s good to aim for this benchmark or higher, a good math SAT score depends on what schools you’re hoping to gain acceptance to.

Our Students See Real Results

Up to 260 point increases

Our students have seen increases up to 260 points on their SAT scores.

17 hours for dramatic improvement

Our students start to see significant results (100+ points) after just 8 sessions.

3% of the world’s perfect scorers

In a single year, our students represented 3% of the entire world’s perfect scorers.

The key concepts to master

The math section focuses on three areas:

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

This section focuses on solving problems in science and social science. Proportional reasoning, ratios, and percentages are featured in this part of the math section

Heart of Algebra

This section contains linear equations and systems to test a student’s algebra skills.

Passport to Advanced Math

This last section focuses on complex equations and the strategies to solve them.


What other tutoring programs get wrong

The key to an effective tutoring program is knowing what concepts you need to improve on—that’s where our Score Diagnosis comes in. At CollegeVine, we provide an in-depth score analysis that uses sample SAT questions to diagnose the concepts you’re struggling with, as well as gaps in your test-taking strategy.

Want to improve your SAT score?

Using a diagnostic exam, we'll diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. With the help of our expert tutors, we'll design a customized tutoring plan and keep track of your progress using our score analytics tools.

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How we help students improve their scores

Through a customized tutoring plan, practice tests, and score analytics, students who work with CollegeVine’s SAT Tutoring program see an average increase of 160+ points on their final score.

For the math specifically, your expert tutor will review all of the concepts missed on the diagnostic test. From there, you’ll review some general math strategy, complete a variety of SAT math practice questions, and take math practice tests.


We Help Students Get Into Their Dream Schools


acceptance rate to top schools compared to market average


Average size of a scholarship award won by our students


students sent to Ivy League and equivalent schools last year alone

How we keep your preparation on track

As you work with your tutor, our progress tracking and score prediction tools will help you understand how you’re progressing towards your score goal. Progress is shared every two weeks based on the specific practice problems and exams that you’ve completed.


The Most Effective SAT Prep

Our students work 1 on 1 with their own SAT tutor and follow a custom curriculum based on their diagnostic results. On average, our students see an increase of 160+ points. Learn more aboutour Online SAT Tutoring

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