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Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

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Cost In-State

$21,000 / year

Cost Out-of-State

$34,000 / year

Graduation Rate (6 Years)

58.0 %

Retention Rate

26.0 % drop out

Acceptance Rate

0 %

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What are my chances?

Understanding your chances will allow you to create a balanced school list of target, safety, and reach schools. Use our chancing calculator and the information to understand your chances to Bloomsburg University | BloomU.

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Your Chances to Bloomsburg University | BloomU

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Your GPA, test scores, and class choices are an important part of your application. How do you compare to the average student at Bloomsburg University | BloomU?

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Does the school match my preferences?

This is often overlooked by students — you want to spend the next four years at a place you enjoy. Make sure to take time to decide on your preferences and find schools that match them.


Public / Private


School Type

Research university


Not prestigious

Typical class size


Religious affiliation


Flexibility of switching majors


Greek life importance


Co-ed / Single-sex




Campus type

Urban self contained

LGBT friendliness


What is campus life like?

If you’re like most students, you’re interested in getting a glimpse of what your life will be like on campus. Here are some details to help you start painting that picture.

    Living Arrangement

  • Co-ed dorms

  • Suite style housing

  • All-male dorms

  • Apartments

  • All-female dorms

  • Housing for married students

  • Singles

  • Special housing for disabled students

  • Doubles

  • Sorority or fraternity housing

  • Substance-free housing


  • Rain: Low chance

  • Sun: Low chance

  • Snow: Low chance

  • Humidity: Low

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