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Demonstrated interest is a factor admissions officers look at when reviewing your application. Admissions officers decide how interested you are in the school based on actions you’ve taken.

Over 70% of colleges consider demonstrated interest when making admissions decisions. As students apply to more colleges and admissions becomes more competitive, colleges want to see students stand out from the larger applicant pool by showing they really are interested in attending.

Traditionally, there have been three major ways to demonstrate interest before applying:
  1. Visit the campus – COVID has closed campuses so you can’t visit.
  2. Attend online school events – many students are attending these so it’s no longer as strong a signal.
  3. Opening emails – this has a small effect and is annoying to do for all your colleges.

Select 5 schools to demonstrate your interest to:

We’re now making demonstrating interest a lot easier. We provide our students with 5 signals to send to their top choice colleges. Because the signals are scarce, they show your dedication to the schools you select. Our university partners use these signals to understand your interest and communicate directly with you.

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