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What is chancing?

See your likelihood of acceptance at thousands of colleges, with detailed breakdowns on how to improve.

How accurate is it?

Thanks to advances in data science, our predictions are extremely accurate. Here’s how our predictions performed last year.

What current seniors are saying

Understanding your chances can be difficult

CollegeVine takes the guesswork out of college admissions. Students have many misconceptions about average acceptance rates and their personal admissions chances. Here are important things you need to understand about your chances:

The acceptance rate on a school’s website is not your chance of getting in

Schools calculate acceptance rates by dividing the number of accepted students by the total number that applied. Among all the students who apply, some have a 99% chance of acceptance, while others have less than a 1% chance.

There are factors outside your control that have an impact on your chances

Colleges and universities build each freshman class to include a diverse array of students, and that means selecting for diverse racial, economic, and personal backgrounds.

Everything you do in high school can impact your admissions outcomes

Grades matter, but so does the difficulty of the classes you took. Extracurricular activities count, both in terms of what positions you have held and how you have improved your community.

We take all factors into account, just like admissions officers do

Most websites only consider GPA and test scores when determining what sort of applicant you are. We consider your coursework, GPA, extracurriculars, demographics, intended major, class rank, and test scores (if you have them).

We predict your admissions chances based on real data

CollegeVine is the only free college guidance company that offers data-driven chancing, then works with students to help optimize their profiles. We use thousands of real acceptance results to fine-tune our algorithm. We also explain your chancing results and teach you how to strengthen your profile.

How hard is it to get into a selective school?

Applying to Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and similar schools is exciting, but only a few students can reasonably expect to be admitted. With over 600+ schools in our database, CollegeVine helps you build a balanced school list to maximizes the chance you’ll get in somewhere that you love and meets all your goals.

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How is CollegeVine free?

We believe that every student deserves expert guidance. To make that possible, access to the CollegeVine platform is free for students. We partner with colleges that pay to join our ecosystem and interact with students via virtual events and 1-1 connections.

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