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University of Granada's reputation?

I've read a bit about the University of Granada, but I'm not sure what it's well-known for. Can anyone give me some insight on its strengths and reputation?

2 minutes ago

Drexel University Sports Reputation

Hey everyone! I've been looking into Drexel University, and I'm curious about their sports scene. What sport is Drexel most known for? Are there any teams that really stand out?

3 minutes ago

Top nursing programs at Ohio universities?

Hi everybody, I'm a high school junior exploring my college options, and I'm interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Can anyone tell me which universities in Ohio are known for their nursing progr …

3 minutes ago

Great pre-med colleges in Texas?

Howdy! I'm a junior in high school and I'm considering going pre-med after graduation. I'd prefer to stay in Texas for college. Can anyone give me a rundown of some of the best pre-med colleges in Tex …

4 minutes ago

What are your thoughts on Carleton College?

I've been looking at liberal arts colleges, and Carleton College caught my eye. Anyone here know more about the school? Is it a good school academically and socially?

4 minutes ago

Best college honor societies?

I've heard that joining honor societies can be very beneficial. What are some of the best college honor societies out there? How do I go about joining them once I'm in college?

4 minutes ago

Best Economics Colleges?

Hello! So I'm pretty sure I want to major in economics, but I'm not sure which colleges have the best programs. Could you all help me out by recommending some of the top colleges for economics? Also, …

4 minutes ago

Well-regarded majors at University of Connecticut?

Hey y'all, I've been hearing a lot about UConn lately and I'm thinking of applying there. Can anyone tell me which majors are really popular or have a good reputation at the University of Connecticut? …

4 minutes ago

How does the waitlist work for college classes?

So, I've heard some classes have waitlists if they're full. How does the waitlist process work for college classes? Is there a specific order in which they let people in, and is it usually successful? …

5 minutes ago

Colleges offering photography programs?

Photography is my biggest passion, and I want to major in it. Any recommendations on colleges that have excellent photography programs? Thanks!

6 minutes ago

Choosing the right major: Finance, marketing, or genetics?

Hey everyone! I'm a high school junior starting to look towards applying to college, and I have diverse interests - finance, marketing, and genetics. How did you decide on the best major path for you? …

7 minutes ago

How's the Town Around Boston College?

Hi all! I'm looking at Boston College as a potential option, and I'd like to know more about the town around the campus. What's the vibe like and how does it compare to other college towns? Are there …

7 minutes ago

When can we start submitting UC applications?

Hey, does anyone know when the UC application portal opens for submissions? I want to plan my time so I can submit my UC applications well before the deadline.

23 minutes ago

What's the University of Stirling Famous For?

Hello! I'm looking into universities outside of the US, and the University of Stirling caught my eye. For those who are familiar with the school, what is it known for in terms of academics or programs …

23 minutes ago

Top colleges in Arizona?

I'm from Arizona and planning on staying in-state for college. Can anyone recommend some of the best colleges in the area? Hoping to find some top options without having to go too far from home. Thank …

25 minutes ago

Mississippi State University: Renowned Majors?

I'm planning to apply to Mississippi State University and I'm really interested in knowing which majors they're most renowned for. Does anyone have any suggestions?

25 minutes ago

Tennessee State University Programs

Hey guys, could anyone tell me about the programs Tennessee State University is famous for? I want to learn more about their academic strengths.

39 minutes ago

Which colleges have the best interior design programs?

I'm super passionate about interior design and I want to pursue it in college. Can anyone recommend colleges that have top-notch interior design programs?

41 minutes ago

Receiving letters from colleges as a sophomore—what does it mean?

Hi there! I'm a sophomore and recently started receiving some letters from colleges. I was wondering if they actually mean anything, or if it's just information sent out to a lot of students. Should I …

42 minutes ago

What counts as an above average ACT score?

Hey everyone, I've been researching college admissions and I'm wondering what would be considered an 'above average' ACT score? It would be nice to know what score range I should be aiming for!

43 minutes ago
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