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How much is in-state tuition at Cal State Fullerton?

Hey y'all, does anyone have the inside scoop on what the current in-state tuition at Cal State Fullerton is? I've looked up several sources and there seems to be some discrepancy. I'd really appreciat …

just now

UNC Chapel Hill Costs

I'm from North Carolina and UNC Chapel Hill is high on my list of potential colleges. But with college costs being what they are, I'm nervous about how much it'll end up costing me. Does anyone have a …

2 minutes ago

Grade Clarification for 14/20

Hello folks, just wanted a detailed breakdown, if possible. How would you interpret a 14/20 mark I received on an assignment?

7 minutes ago

Penn State Harrisburg Tuition?

I'm looking into Penn State Harrisburg as one of my college options. Does anyone here have any information about their tuition and fees? Any financial aid tips specifically for this campus?

7 minutes ago

What's the Tuition at Colorado School of Mines?

Junior year really got me stressed about college. Looking at Colorado School of Mines as a potential school for me as I'm interested in STEM fields. Anybody has any info on their current tuition and f …

18 minutes ago

What's the tuition cost at Tuskegee?

I'm trying to estimate the tuition at Tuskegee University, does anyone know what it is?

21 minutes ago

Help! Can't Find Information on Mercyhurst Tuition

Hello! I've been accepted to Mercyhurst University and I'm super excited. But I need to figure out the costs first. Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for tuition, room and board, book …

24 minutes ago

University of Rhode Island Out-of-State Tuition

Hey everyone, could use some guidance here. My dream school is the University of Rhode Island, but I'm out of state. Does anyone know what their out-of-state tuition is? Thanks so much for your help!

28 minutes ago

Out-of-state tuition for University of Hawaii

Hey there, I'm considering the University of Hawaii but kinda worried about the out-of-state tuition. Is it significantly more than in-state? And if anyone has any tips for making it more affordable, …

42 minutes ago

Tuition Check for University of Tulsa

Hi guys, I've been doing some research on the University of Tulsa and I'm pretty interested. But before I get too invested, does anyone know what their tuition typically runs like? I'm really curious …

42 minutes ago

Researching top universities in North Carolina

Hello everyone! Currently, I'm a junior in high school and North Carolina has been on my radar for college options. Could anybody provide a rundown of the top universities in NC? What makes them stand …

42 minutes ago

Hampton U tuition - anybody know?

Hello everyone, this might seem trivial, but I'm wondering about the tuition for Hampton University? I've been creating my list of colleges, and budget plays a significant part. Any ideas?

42 minutes ago

What's the Tuition Cost for Babson University?

Hey there. I'm thinking about applying to Babson University next year. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to their tuition fees though. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure?

43 minutes ago

What's the Cost of Tulane?

I love a lot of things about Tulane University and its culture, but man I’m a little scared about the cost. Anyone have a clear picture of their out-of-state tuition situation?

44 minutes ago

Looking for Colleges in Gunnison, Colorado

Hey everyone, can someone give me a rundown of what schools are in Gunnison, Colorado? Especially interested to know the level of academics, campus vibes, and any noteworthy programs. Thanks!

44 minutes ago

What is Pace's tuition cost?

I'm considering Pace University for my next step, but my Google-fu is failing me. Can anyone help out with the current tuition figures? What extra expenses should I plan for?

44 minutes ago

Indiana Wesleyan University: What's the cost?

Hi, I've been considering Indiana Wesleyan University and was wondering if anyone knew what the cost is? Not just tuition, but including room and board, books, and other expenses. A ballpark estimate …

2 hours ago

What's Benedictine's Tuition Look Like?

Hi everyone. I'm starting to look seriously at Benedictine College but can't seem to find a clear estimate of the tuition. Anybody able to help me out here?

2 hours ago

Alvernia University tuition details?

Do any of you guys know what the tuition is like for Alvernia University? I'm trying to map out my financial plan for college, and any info would be super helpful!

3 hours ago

Cornell Out of State Tuition?

Hey guys, looking at Cornell; its reputation is impeccable but I heard it's expensive for out-of-state students like me. Can anyone drop some knowledge about their current out-of-state tuition?

3 hours ago
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