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Best community colleges in Washington State?

Hey everyone! I'm starting to consider community college as an option and I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for good community colleges in Washington State? I'd like to potentially transfe …

28 minutes ago

Best psychology colleges in Pennsylvania?

Hey everyone! I'm really interested in studying psychology in college, and I'd prefer to stay in Pennsylvania. Any recommendations for the best colleges in PA that have strong psychology programs? Tha …

28 minutes ago

UT Auto Admit Percentage for recent years?

Does anyone have info on the UT Auto Admit Percentage for the last couple of years? I've found some conflicting numbers online. I'm trying to gauge the chances for my class.

28 minutes ago

Grand Valley State University's Known Majors?

So I'm researching Grand Valley State University and I'm wondering which majors they're known for. Any insights would be super helpful, thanks!

28 minutes ago

Does attendance matter in college admissions?

I've been wondering if colleges look at your high school attendance records when reviewing applications. During my time in high school, I had a few absences, but my grades and extracurriculars are pre …

29 minutes ago

Famous programs at Georgetown University?

Hi everyone! In my search for colleges, I came across Georgetown University and wanted to know which of their programs are especially well-regarded. Looking forward to your input!

29 minutes ago

What is Tohoku University known for?

Hey everyone, I'm a junior in high school and recently I came across Tohoku University in Japan. I find it interesting, but don't know much about what it's known for. Can anyone share some information …

29 minutes ago

Augusta University Sports

I'm checking out different colleges, and I just found out about Augusta University. What sport are they most known for? I'd love to know more about their athletic programs.

29 minutes ago

What's the acceptance rate for Connell School of Nursing?

I'm a high school junior and I'm really interested in nursing programs! I came across the Connell School of Nursing and it caught my eye. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for this program, and any …

30 minutes ago

Best colleges for engineering?

Hey there, as an aspiring engineer, I'm wondering which colleges have the best engineering programs. If anyone has suggestions for top schools in this field, that'd be extremely helpful. Thanks in adv …

30 minutes ago

Art colleges in Missouri and Portland, Oregon?

I'm an aspiring artist and I'm interested in attending art colleges in Missouri or Portland, Oregon. Can you guys recommend any schools in these areas with solid art programs?

30 minutes ago

Suggestions for Top-rated Colleges in Virginia?

I'm a junior planning to apply to some colleges in Virginia. Can you guys suggest some top-rated colleges in the state? Thanks so much!

31 minutes ago

Searching for the best oceanography colleges!

Hey guys, I've recently discovered that I have a passion for oceanography and I'm starting to look at colleges. Could y'all recommend some colleges that have top-notch oceanography programs? Much appr …

31 minutes ago

UALR reputation and strong programs?

I've been looking into the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) but I'm not entirely sure what they're known for. Can someone give me some info on their reputation and strong programs?

31 minutes ago

What are the top colleges for industrial design?

Hey y'all, I'm really passionate about industrial design and I'm trying to figure out which colleges are the best for it. Could you share some recommendations? So far, I've only found a few with good …

31 minutes ago

Colleges with great mathematics programs?

Anyone know some colleges with strong mathematics departments? I'm considering pursuing a degree in mathematics, so I'm trying to look into schools with reputable programs.

31 minutes ago

Which are the hardest schools to get into?

I'm a bit stressed about college admissions and I just want to know which schools are the toughest to get into. It'll help me set my expectations! Any input is appreciated, thanks.

35 minutes ago

Opinions on college counseling services?

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the college search and application process and thinking about getting some help. Can anyone share their experiences with college counseling services? Do they really …

35 minutes ago

Which colleges excel in mechanical engineering?

Hi! I'm currently a high school junior and I'm really interested in mechanical engineering. I'd appreciate it if you could suggest some colleges that are known for having outstanding mechanical engine …

36 minutes ago

Major Decisions: How to choose the best major for college?

I'm currently a junior, but I'm starting to think about college majors. How did you all decide on your major in college? Any tips or advice for choosing the right one?

37 minutes ago
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