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Need Help with Finding the Location of Oregon State University

Hey guys, I think I've messed up a bit. I've been looking at Oregon State University for a while now, but my old man just asked me something that I couldn't answer, can you believe it? He asked me whi …

4 minutes ago

Financial Aspects of St. Lawrence University

Hello folks! I'm seriously thinking about St. Lawrence University for my future studies. However, I'm struggling to find the right information about tuition. Can someone please help me understand the …

4 minutes ago

Curious about tuition for University of Georgia?

Hola to all! I've got the University of Georgia on my radar, and I'm crunched by how much it'll cost me per year. Can someone provide help on the education expenses of this institution? Many thanks fo …

6 minutes ago

Understanding Grading System: 3/4 as a Grade

Hey guys, I'm trying to wrap my head around our school's grading system. I've got a 3/4 on one of my assignments. Can anyone explain how this would translate into a percentage and a letter grade? I'm …

8 minutes ago

UH vs Texas Tech – Where Should I Go?

Hello everyone, I'm facing a tough choice between the University of Houston and Texas Tech. I need some advice based on academics, campus life, and opportunities. Anyone who has experience, or insight …

13 minutes ago

In Search of Tuition Info for UW Eau Claire

Hello everyone! I'm a high school junior considering attending UW Eau Claire, but I'm not sure about the tuition costs. Could anyone share what's the rough ballpark for their tuition? Also very intere …

14 minutes ago

Cost Situation at Samford University...?

So, Samford University's name keeps popping up whenever I research some great universities. But before I get too interested, can anyone give me a heads-up about the tuition fees? Just an approximate a …

15 minutes ago

Barnard University's tuition: How do I manage this?

Hey you guys, I was wondering if any current or past students from Barnard University could give me an idea of what the tuition cost implies. It's a bit overwhelming. Are their scholarships and grants …

16 minutes ago

Exploring Military Times 'Deploy or Get Out' Policy

Hey guys, I read about this 'Deploy or Get Out' policy on Military times and it got me thinking, is it really that black and white? I mean, I'm considering the military after graduation, but I'd like …

18 minutes ago

What's UCLA's annual cost gonna look like?

What's up everyone, I'm doing some financial planning before applying to colleges. UCLA is one of my top choices. Can anyone provide a good estimate for a year at UCLA - the tuition, housing, meals an …

19 minutes ago

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Tuition

Hi there! Can anyone help clarify the undergraduate tuition and fees for Urbana-Champaign? I read things online but I want a real student's perspective.

21 minutes ago

Colorado Military Schools for High Schoolers

What's up, guys? I'm from Colorado and thinking about going to a military high school. Can anyone point out some good military high schools here in Colorado?

2 hours ago

West Monroe High School vs New Orleans Military Maritime Academy

I'm trying to decide between staying at West Monroe High School or transferring to New Orleans Military Maritime Academy. Anyone here who has experiences with either schools? What's the culture like, …

2 hours ago

Commute from New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy to Lakeshore High School: realistic?

Does anyone have any experience commuting between New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy and Lakeshore High School? Would it be realistic, considering traffic and all?

2 hours ago

Is a high school diploma necessary for joining the military?

Hey everyone, I was wondering about the qualifications needed for enlisting in the military. Do they require a high school diploma? If I'm still in high school, can I start preparing in any way? Littl …

2 hours ago

Military High Schools for Girls in North Carolina?

Hey all, I'm from NC and I'm genuinely interested in pursuing a military-aligned education. Are there any all-girls military high schools in my state? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

2 hours ago

Choosing between Military and College after High School

I'm currently a junior, trying to decide what to do after graduation. I'm torn between going straight to college or joining the military. Has anyone else faced a similar decision? Any advice on weighi …

2 hours ago

Exploring Military Schools for High School in Colorado

Hey everyone! I'm a junior in Colorado and I've been pondering the idea of joining a military school for high school. Can anyone provide any information on what it's like and how it could benefit me i …

2 hours ago

Not familiar with Virginia Christian University

Hi, I'm trying to broaden my college list and I came across Virginia Christian University. Can someone elaborate on what this place is like? Are there any current students or alumni who can share thei …

3 hours ago

UCI vs UCSD: Making a Decision

Hello, so I'm considering UCI and UCSD for my undergrad. Both the schools seem pretty similar and great, but I'm trying to draw some distinctions. Can anyone help me with the pros and cons for UCI vs …

3 hours ago
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