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Boosting my GPA: Any Advice?

Hello everyone! I'm a junior and I'm a bit concerned about my current GPA. It's not exactly where I'd like it to be, so I'm keen on finding ways to improve it before I have to start sending out applic …

18 minutes ago

Easiest Bachelor's Degrees - Are There Such Things?

Yo guys, I'm aware that 'easy' is kind of relative depending on our personal strengths but I'm curious if there are any bachelor's degrees that are generally perceived as easier? And more importantly, …

19 minutes ago

Decoding EA Colleges

Hey folks, I've been hearing a lot about EA (early action) colleges, and I'm not quite sure I get it. Could someone explain what this means and what the pros and cons are of applying EA?

19 minutes ago

Need more info on what an IB course is

Hi all, a bit confused here. My school offers this thing called an 'IB course'. I don’t understand what it is yet, and any insight or personal experiences would be super appreciated!

20 minutes ago

Math SAT Question Count?

Hey everyone! Prepping for SAT's and already stressing. How many math questions are there on the SAT? Would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

21 minutes ago

When's Ivy Decision Day?

Hi everyone! Does anyone know when Ivy Decision Day usually takes place? Any input or advice on how to handle the wait would be great!

21 minutes ago

Finding Division 3 Basketball Colleges

Hey guys, does anyone have a reliable resource or list of Division 3 colleges that are great for basketball? I'm a big enthusiast but I also care about academics, looking for a good balance!

21 minutes ago

What's a good writing score on the ACT?

I'm about to take the ACT soon and I'm a bit stressed about the writing portion. I have been practicing, but I don't really know what score I should be aiming for. Can anyone tell me what's considered …

22 minutes ago

How to Access my SAT Scores?

This might be a silly question, but how do you guys get your SAT scores? There's so much information, and it's a bit overwhelming. Could someone kindly guide me through the process?

22 minutes ago

UIUC - Is it test optional?

Hello community, I've been considering UIUC and heard some news of it being test-optional. Can anyone confirm or provide some details about this? I'm a little lost about what this means for me and my …

23 minutes ago

Looking for Conservative Catholic Colleges

Hey everyone, I'm on the lookout for conservative Catholic colleges. My faith is important to me and I'd love to study somewhere that aligns with my values. Do any of you guys have any recommendations …

23 minutes ago

Central Connecticut State University Admissions?

Curious junior here with my eyes set on Central Connecticut State University. Has anyone went through their admission process that could share what it's like? What sort of stats or extracurriculars di …

23 minutes ago

Counting Division I Schools

Y'all, I'm really into sports, and I want to try for a scholarship. So, how many Division I schools are there in total? Are chances good for a sports scholarship at these?

24 minutes ago

Grace College Admissions

Hello! I've been considering Grace College for my next phase of studies but I have a few queries about their admissions policy and standards. Can anyone walk me through the highlights of what I should …

24 minutes ago

Leading Women's Colleges?

Hello everyone, does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts about the top women's colleges in the U.S.? I'm trying to find a school with a good balance of academics, extracurriculars, and environ …

26 minutes ago

What GPA does Georgia State University usually admit?

I've got my sights set on Georgia State University, but not quite sure what my GPA should look like for a solid shot. Anyone knows of the average GPA of incoming students there? Also, do they take wei …

27 minutes ago

Best Resources for College Research

I'm trying to start researching colleges, but there are so many resources online that it's overwhelming. Are there any websites that you would recommend? Specifically, I'm looking for accurate data on …

28 minutes ago

Berkeley admission GPA

Hello everyone, I'm a junior who's dreaming of getting into UC Berkeley. Anyone here know what the average GPA for admitted students is? Totally understand it's not the only factor in admissions, but …

28 minutes ago

Average GPA at Indiana University?

I'm interested in Indiana University and trying to figure out where I stand. Anyone know what the average GPA of accepted students there is?

29 minutes ago

Stats needed for Georgia Tech admission?

Hello peeps. I'm putting together my college list and, not gonna lie, I'm hustling for Georgia Tech. Could anyone shed some light on their admissions statistics? Like acceptance rates or average SAT s …

30 minutes ago
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