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Need clarity on the NHS: What’s the real benefit of being in the National Honor Society?

Alright, so I've heard a lot about the National Honor Society at school, but I’m still not 100% clear on what the actual benefits are. Does it significantly boost your college app, or is it more about …

a minute ago

Do computer classes in high school boost my college application?

I'm currently planning my schedule for next year and was thinking about taking some computer classes, since I want to major in something tech-related. Do colleges value computer classes? Will taking t …

2 minutes ago

Colleges with a similar campus culture to UMiami?

I'm digging the vibrant campus life and the emphasis on undergrad research at UMiami. Are there other schools out there that offer a similar blend of active social scene and academic opportunities, es …

3 minutes ago

Study Abroad Programs for High School Students?

Hey guys, I've been really curious about studying abroad, specifically in Spain. Does anyone know how high school study abroad programs work? Also, what do I need to prepare for it, both academically …

3 minutes ago

What challenges are compelling to write about in a college essay?

Hey peers, just a bit confused about choosing the right challenge to talk about in my college essay. I know overcoming obstacles is a common theme, but what types of challenges have you seen or used t …

5 minutes ago

Potential benefits of taking an Entrepreneurship class?

Hey guys! I'm staring down the barrel of my senior year schedule and I'm debating whether to add an Entrepreneurship class. I'm thinking of business as a potential major and I'm curious—does taking th …

5 minutes ago

Can I take forensic classes in high school, and do they count towards college admissions?

I'm really interested in forensic science. Are there high school classes available in this subject, and will colleges view them as rigorous courses when considering my application?

6 minutes ago

Is taking a law-related class in high school useful for pre-law in college?

I found a law education class in my high school's course catalog. If I'm considering going pre-law in college, would taking this class now be beneficial at all?

7 minutes ago

What is the grading scale for CLEP exams?

Trying to figure out how CLEP exams are graded and what's a good score? I know they're scored on a scale, but what's a passing score that colleges will actually give credit for? Would be super helpful …

8 minutes ago

Notable departments at Duke University?

Hello folks, I hear Duke University mentioned a lot, especially in basketball, lol. But academically, which departments or majors are considered top-notch or extremely competitive at Duke?

9 minutes ago

Where can I find CLEP exams being offered near me?

Hey folks! I wanna take a few CLEP exams but I’m clueless about where to find testing sites near me. Does anyone have tips on how to find nearby locations that offer these exams? If you’ve done this b …

10 minutes ago

Retaking a CLEP Exam: What Should I Know?

So I didn’t do as hot as I hoped on my first attempt at a CLEP exam. I need to know if it’s possible to retake it, and if so, how soon can I do it? Also, would the retake policy affect my college appl …

10 minutes ago

Do AP classes have a significant impact on high school GPA?

Just curious, how much of a difference do AP classes make on your high school GPA? I've taken a few but I'm not sure if they're really giving me the boost I need. Can someone explain how AP classes ar …

11 minutes ago

Describing Athletics on the Common App

Is there anyone who has tips on how to describe a sport in the activities section of the Common App? I played varsity soccer, but I’m not sure what to focus on and how to really show its importance in …

12 minutes ago

Are study skills classes beneficial for high school student success?

So, I’m curious about study skills classes offered in high school. Do you think they're actually worth taking? I want to improve my study habits and grades, but I don't want to waste a class period if …

13 minutes ago

Is taking the Speech CLEP exam a good idea?

I've heard there's a CLEP exam for speech, and since public speaking isn't my strongest suit, I was thinking it could be a way to get the credits without the stress of a live audience. Has anyone done …

15 minutes ago

Where can I find good CLEP exam practice questions?

As I'm gearing up for a CLEP exam, it'd be great to have some practice questions or materials. Where do you guys find quality practice content for CLEP exams?

15 minutes ago

Thoughts on Syracuse University's campus atmosphere?

I'm a junior starting to narrow down my college list, and Syracuse University caught my eye. For those of you who've visited or attend, what can you tell me about the campus life? Is it as vibrant and …

16 minutes ago

How cost-effective are CLEP exams for scoring college credits?

Does anyone know if CLEP exams are a bang for your buck kind of deal when it comes to earning college credits? I'm trying to figure out if the fees are worth the potential savings in college tuition. …

17 minutes ago

What impact do senior class gifts have on high school culture?

Hey guys, my class is debating what kind of senior gift we should leave to our high school. For those of you who have done this before, what kind of legacy do you feel these gifts leave, and do colleg …

18 minutes ago
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