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Long gone are the days of collecting data from a dozen websites and storing your college list in a spreadsheet. With CollegeVine, it’s easy to discover and organize a list of colleges that you’ll fall in love with.

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Your GPA and SAT don’t tell the full admissions story. Our chancing engine also factors in extracurricular activities, demographics, and other holistic details to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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This website is certainly reassuring for a student like me who is constantly doubtful and pessimistic. But just because it reassured me that I have solid chances at attending universities I wish to go to isn't what makes this website great; it's the realistic optimism that is so wonderful. It let me know which colleges would definitely be hard and why, as well as where and how I can improve my resume.
It is very thorough, explanatory, and has a variety of opportunities to learn/better your chances of admission.
very informative and easy to navigate
This is the most amazing website ever!
its good
yall r good, period.
very helpful
It's a great website
its really organized and helpful
it is very helpful in the admissions process!
This website is very helpful in determining my chances of getting into a particular college.
This website has been incredibly helpful in both helping me plan for college, show me where I am lacking, and given me a realistic idea of where I am going to go. The confidence and security this information has given me in unreal.
This seems very nice
good data
it is very easy to use and it motivates me to work harder.
This site helped me build a realistic college list and discover schools I am excited to apply to. I love that collegevine analyzes your whole profile. I've already recommended it to friends.
Really great approach
I have already recommended it to my whole class -- I love the format and how you can input your stats to see the salary and the chance that you will get in.
good stuff
This is a very useful website.
AMAZING!! It helps me figure out if it is worth applying to certain schools.
Very good with organization.
Collegevine has been such a helpful resource with my college exploration process!
It's really great and helps you take charge of your decisions and choices so that your college applications can stand out
it is quite resourceful
It's been a very useful resource to me for the little time that I've been using it, and my friends would most likely benefit from this service as well.
amazing layout!
It's really easy to calculate my chances to enter my dream college and find many amazing schools i didn't know of before.
Very useful and reliable information, easy to use; all info is in one place. So convenient.
This site was extremely helpful in putting my mind at ease in prepping for college next year and I hope it does the same for others!
I really like how CollegeVine breaks down a lot of difficult concepts and how colleges are curated around our personal achievement
its good
Because this site has already helped me in my collage goal
Excellent resource, easy to use, and the advice appears to be on point for what we need.
Very smooth UI and user experience
it's an amazing site!
In fact I have already recommended it to my friends. The website is super helpful and includes a lot of good information.
I really like the webinars and the features that you guys provide to create a college list.
It takes you through the process really well and gives you a clear idea of where you stand with colleges
I really love the idea that you can assess your current situation and see what is needed to get into a great school
CollegeVine is a great website that can help you narrow the scope on potential colleges you may want to attend and can help guide you to take actions for acceptance at possible reach schools.
Its a great thing to get you started on the future.
College vine is a very useful tool and has provided me with a lot of resources I can use to plan for my future
So many resources, and I feel less overwhelmed with a schedule and ideas provided to me!
It's great and keeps getting better, it has major choices declaration, Acura te percintile breakdowns and tells u how to improve
This is really helping me with my selection process!
I've already recommended it to multiple friends. I find it is a very useful tool, and well done, too!
its great
it gives me great visibility. clarifies my thought and helps me make the right choices
I love this website. I am a freshman in high school working on going ot med school and this is easy to look at different schools
ilove it
I've already told a couple people about it, I think CollegeVine is a very useful tool.
I got recommended by a friend and Im really loving this website. Thank You!
I would highly recommend this site to a friend because it allows you to have a general idea of where you are and what you need to do in order to get where you need to go.
Because it's great! A lot more comprehensive and personalized than other websites that show your chances of admission.
80% of info you need for the college admissions process is here.
it is excellent.
Seems helpful
This website provides practically all the information a high school student needs to organize and prepare for college applications. Thank you Collegevine!
It is very useful
The chances of getting into a college feature, and the help finding a school
It helps gather up information about colleges in a simpler and easier manner
It is free and it actually gives me accurate information about my chances with my stats.
Because this will help my friends and I a lot when it comes to choosing for colleges, etc.
it's super helpful, especially because it gives you the admission difficulty according to your statistics
Very smart tool, nice interface, FREE, and easy too use. Thank you and keep up the good work!
This is because it helps, and it's a really good tool!
Very informative and helps you choose and look through things easier than anything else I have found
Helpful, organized
It's very helpful and I love the essay reviewing functionality. :)
This is so helpful and makes it lessen which schools your interested and also gives informational videos for college
It is super simple to use and makes college searching wayyyy easier. All the college information I need can come from CollegeVine instead of 60 different websites/tabs open scrabbling to find my perfect university.
because its useful and thorough
easy to use
I've already recommended it to plenty friends!
I love college vine! The set up is great and it is super detailed and helpful. I've already recommended college vine to many friends!
I really liked how you had videos with students at different schools. Also, your articles are pretty helpful
Accessible and comprehensive
very helpful and easy to use
Very Helpful
It's really well done and will help me prepare for college
Great Online Consultant
Because it evacuates your chances of going to a college. and i feel like that evaluation is almost so accurate because they provide you with an opportunity to incorporate any detailed events, or gpa, or standardized test taken through out high school career. And the tools on this app is phenomenal. its the best app, and really helps with college list( differentiating between your target school, and competitive ones). Helps you feel organized especially during college application season.
Gives good advice
It's very helpful
Really Helpful!
I think CollegeVine is a very informative and useful website that any of my high school friends would be happy to use.
Great free resource
It gives specific insights about chancing

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