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The Problem

In today’s world, families are under-resourced when it comes to college admissions. Due to budget cuts over time, high school guidance counselors have been asked to do far more with fewer resources. Nowadays, the average guidance-counselor-to-student ratio is 1:472.

Parents wanting to help their children are frustrated because the college admissions process is becoming increasingly complex (and not to mention expensive). At the same time, they don’t want to impact their relationship with their children by being too overbearing.

Students want to end up at a school that makes sense for them, one that they will feel challenged by and enjoy. They want to maximize their success while minimizing their stress in the admissions process.

How are families supposed to navigate the path to the best schools for them?

Did you know?

38 is the average number of minutes of college assistance that a public school student receives from their guidance depts. across 4 years.

472 is the average student-to-guidance counselor ratio in US public high schools.

Here's How We're Solving the Problem

Near-Peer Mentorship

One of our key insights early on was that talented college students and recent graduates are excellent consultants for high school students. Having just gone through the process firsthand, our consultants remain close in age to their students, allowing them to connect on a personal level while understanding the most recent admissions trends. Families feel at ease working with a vetted CollegeVine consultant who has been rigorously trained in the CollegeVine curriculum.

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Applying Data to Admissions

At CollegeVine, we’re bringing science to the art of high school guidance and college admissions advising. Because we've worked with thousands of students since our founding, our consultants are powered by data-driven technology to help them confidently make smart recommendations to families.

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Affordable Professional Guidance

Other private college consultants charge on average $4500+ for their services. Our mission is to level the playing field by providing high quality admissions advising to families of all socioeconomic backgrounds. At CollegeVine, we aim to offer our services at an affordable price. We also operate a pro-bono program that provides unlimited advising to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Our Results in a Nutshell

We serve families with all different kinds of goals.

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  • 213 Unique Colleges Our Students Were Accepted To
  • 73 % of students accepted to at least 1 of top 3 choices
  • 70 % of Ivy League & Equiv. Applicants Accepted
  • 91 percent of families would recommend collegevine


We provide a service quality that can't be matched. But don't just take it from us!

  • Princeton University

    “My CollegeVine mentor was someone I would go to whenever I needed guidance. He offered his advice and tips throughout high school which helped me overcome academic challenges. He was someone who was there for me whenever I had a question. I am fortunate to have his friendship and guidance.”

    Accepted to Princeton
    Princeton Class of 2018
  • Cornell University Admissions

    “Excellent... just excellent. CollegeVine was worth it just for the scholarships (it pays back and then some), not even mentioning the help for colleges. A+.”

    Accepted to Cornell
    Parent, CollegeVine Class of 2021
  • University of Pennsylvania

    "CollegeVine is simply amazing. The guidance is personalized, ensuring that the student receives the help they need, rather than generic aid. Additionally, CollegeVine is there to push students to work harder. It keeps students on track in a way that does not feel overwhelming."

    Accepted to University of Pennsylvania
    Parent of Son, Accepted to UMich and Purdue
  • Yale University Admissions

    "You guys are the best when it comes to helping students with their apps and essay writing! No comparison to any one!! I will recommend you guys over anyone else out there!!!"

    Accepted to Yale
    Parent of Daughter, Accepted to Rice, UCSD, USC, UCDavis, Emory, UCSB, Miami, and UCI
  • Harvard University Admissions

    "Through CollegeVine, I was connected with an awesome mentor who helped me revise my countless essays whenever I contacted her. After months of hard work, I was fortunately accepted to my ED reach. I recommend this service to any rising senior in need of professional essay review help and more.”

    Accepted to Harvard
    UChicago Class of 2021

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