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It is a nice website that provides very useful tools.
good stuff
Very helpful as a rising Senior. I really enjoy the live streams on specific colleges and live streams on the admissions process.
Doesn't have enough info for international students.
i love this website
Good website!
Has everything I need.
I am impressed with one webinar recently on college admissions
User friendly and very helpful for students from low income family.
I think it is a great way to organize your path to college
This seems very nice
I love how easy the platform is to navigate! Plus, the comparisons on the admissions odds page are great.
80% of info you need for the college admissions process is here.
helpful in looking at chances, unlike prepscholar
It's such a great source for information,Which in turn reduces the stress from many high school students. I would recommend this to anyone.
Honestly this has been the only college finder website that has helped me personally at all. Hurt a little bit because of the honesty but overall very excellent. Easy to use and fun to play with.
It is a great help in the application process and in discovering schools
good app, love it
This site is incredibly helpful and extremely easy to use
Comprehensive and thorough.
cause it is great and i feel like i can really be prepared for the future when it comes down to it.
This website is enthraling and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is dedicated to upping their chances of getting into their dream college.
I want my friends to be able to go to the university they want to go to.
This site has helped me for my college preparation. They need the same help I have received.
This is going to be a very good way for me to see my chances of getting into my dream school
Thus far, I've found the site very helpful! I already recommended it to a friend.
yall r good, period.
i love y'all
There are many really good sources for when a student needs to do college research. Also, it looks very well up to date.
Very useful, already recommended to multiple people.
Awesome website... I wish everyone must see this!
It is amazing.
Because no other website has the same facilities or accessibilities that College Vine provides
you are very helpful and personalize everything
Well, I like how it shows you where you're at
it is so helpful
Provides helpful and free information that is helpful to students (especially first generation students).
Its brutally honest
Your site is very informative. I really liked the graph of safety to reach.
informative and easy
its honest and extremely helpful
It's very useful.
it is a very useful app when It comes to colleges
it has been very hard for me doing the whole college and universities thing and you have made it easier for me
it is a very helpful essay
The feedback really helped me with my college essays.
Collegevine has been such a helpful resource with my college exploration process!
its cool
Very helpful site, user-friendly, and a collection of tools in one place
It's very accurate.
I love college vine! The set up is great and it is super detailed and helpful. I've already recommended college vine to many friends!
it is very helpful and helps guide how i apply
Great resources
So helpful and reassuring!
it gave me mad anxiety :( but was very helpful
CollegeVine is a great website that can help you narrow the scope on potential colleges you may want to attend and can help guide you to take actions for acceptance at possible reach schools.
It has so many resources on different topics which I really appreciate.
it is the best free college website out there. it provides all the services and more that a private college counselor would. the website is extremely user friendly and i love it so much! i wish it was this updated at the beginning of my college app process back in August 2019!
I love preparing would recommend it but the don't like preparing so It probably would go in one ear then out the next.
it's super helpful!
Because it is great
cool site
It's very detailed and has opened my eyes on where I need to improve.
Very helpful and shows me why I would or would not get into colleges I'm interested in
This website is very helpful especially in seeing what colleges I could get into or should apply to.
Its super helpful
I would highly recommend this site to a friend because it allows you to have a general idea of where you are and what you need to do in order to get where you need to go.
the in depth-ness of the EC portion makes it reflective of me rather than other websites that purely use grades and test scores. I would like to know more about how it is all determined though
Helpful, practical and free of charge
the detailed college calculator
Because it is very helpful with understanding how to get into college.
Very informative
it gud
Very helpfun in gauging what I can get into
This website is amazing and it made me understand the admissions and college search process better. I would definitely recommend this because now I know stuff to improve on in order to get into the best universities.
very good
it's a great way to begin looking at your future
its a great application
I've already told a couple people about it, I think CollegeVine is a very useful tool.
CollegeVine is the best resource for college admissions, not only that but it is also credible. Without this organization's help, I would be completely lost in navigating this whole admissions process as a first-generation, low-income student. I am grateful to have found CollegeVine!
It has been very helpful in answering many questions I or my parents did not know, has given me lots of helpful information, and has helped me relax about college.
it is very helpful!!

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