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Long gone are the days of collecting data from a dozen websites and storing your college list in a spreadsheet. With CollegeVine, it’s easy to discover and organize a list of colleges that you’ll fall in love with.

Build and visualize your school list using dozens of parameters: chances, location, majors, rankings, and more.
Organize your list and customize the data points you care about. It’s easy to get started but infinitely powerful.
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Your GPA and SAT don’t tell the full admissions story. Our chancing engine also factors in extracurricular activities, demographics, and other holistic details to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Try the most accurate chancing available anywhere

We use data from real students and model your chances at hundreds of colleges using unique factors like extracurriculars and course rigor.

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This is a great site!
This site has helped me relinquish some of my worries.
It is free and it actually gives me accurate information about my chances with my stats.
I like how it gives you the chance you have of getting into the schools.
Great Information
It rocks
It's very streamlined and has helped me with chancing.
I've already recommended it to multiple friends. I find it is a very useful tool, and well done, too!
It helps gather up information about colleges in a simpler and easier manner
It's very accurate.
Its very organized and its free
This website is enthraling and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is dedicated to upping their chances of getting into their dream college.
Great free resource
This website is awesome. I love it.
It is an amazing help understanding how college really works, and it has motivated me to keep doing more research!
A friend showed it to me, and it helped me gain confidence in college applications
Godly Website
It's a very helpful website
It is very easy to use and allows you to understand how to plan for college in a simple way and makes it super easy to set up your future
It's very precise, offers a great range of information for each school and users can answer questions from their experiences that help upcoming college students.
I like how it helps me to compile a list of colleges from applying to considering. By calculating my chances it helps me by showing which factors I need to work on
Because it gives so much info for free! Very cool :)
Great resources
The information and services you provide are top notch!
I really love the idea that you can assess your current situation and see what is needed to get into a great school
I love it
Very helpful and gives me a very honest explanation about my chances of getting into my dream universities
It really puts things into perspective and pushes me to work harder to have a better chance at acceptance and overall benefit my future.
I already did!
This is a very nice website that grants me a lot of valuable insight into the college admissions process.
Very easy format, insightful information however I haven't seen a sign in button.
Its very helpful
Easy access to information that is necessary for success in college.
I like how easy it is to understand the website, and how it helps you improve.
It's really well done and will help me prepare for college
I have already recommended it to a couple of friends.
CollegeVine is super helpful and helps me understand what colleges I should apply to. I didn't think I could be admitted to my dream school, but CollegeVine put it in my target zone, which makes me feel a lot better about applying!
It has really helped me organize my profile and answer questions about college for me
It is so helpful to plan ahead, I'm in middle school (8th grade) And I find it very helpful to see the goals I must achieve in the future.
it has helped me raise my self-confidence pertaining to the stressful college application process
I like my experience on this website. It is the only website that has allowed me to review other people's essay
It provides a multitude of resources that other sites do not provide.
a great resource that eases the process and organizes it
It has been very useful so far and I've already told people to use it.
It's so useful to have your goals in check, logging in everyday keeps me motivated.
Very informative
chance calculator and helped find more colleges i wouldnt have known about
I've only been on here for a couple of months but I can see that CollegeVine is a really helpful resource for high school students and I think it has helped me widen my perspective about things.
Very helpful
I love it
it's a cool platform
CollegeVine helped me get a better idea of what I need to do to get into the schools I want and also showed me what my chances of acceptance were.
its honest and extremely helpful
I already have
I would highly recommend this site to a friend because it allows you to have a general idea of where you are and what you need to do in order to get where you need to go.
Very helpful in the college process for writing essays and personal statements
Because it's the best site which provides information regarding scholarships and chances to get into any college.
IDK it's just a pretty good website. It's able to take my stats and give me a rough estimate of my chances of getting into a certain school.
love this site!! the recent upgrades are fantastic!! great job college vine.
There are no other websites that are as helpful, interactive, and personal as Collegevine when it comes to applying to colleges.
CollegeVine is a great website that can help you narrow the scope on potential colleges you may want to attend and can help guide you to take actions for acceptance at possible reach schools.
I think CollegeVine is very helpful and informative and the thing that EVERY person who plans to go to college should use.
Very helpful and gives me a better understanding of how things work
the in depth-ness of the EC portion makes it reflective of me rather than other websites that purely use grades and test scores. I would like to know more about how it is all determined though
I have already recommended this to a lot of friends
it makes college applications less stressful
It helps you write the best essay to be able to get into college.
I love the format of the website. It also gives you a realistic view of your admission chances of the college that you want to attend and tells you what you need to do to get accepted.
The best thing ever
It's really great and helps you take charge of your decisions and choices so that your college applications can stand out
Super well organized and keeps me on target
It's made me look at my stats and extracurriculars a bit more harshly than I already do
Very important information
its helpful
Collegevine is a very good way to pick your future colleges and help financially.
I love how detailed and carefully picked out each result is. This makes college seem a bit easier
It's very useful.
A fantastic site to learn about schools and what you can do to increase your chances of getting in.
It is really helpful
This has really helped me in looking at my chances of getting into my dream schools! I really love it.
This a great website to understand what the college admission is like and still be able to ask and answer questions
it is the best free college website out there. it provides all the services and more that a private college counselor would. the website is extremely user friendly and i love it so much! i wish it was this updated at the beginning of my college app process back in August 2019!
It's really helping me realize what I have to do in order to go to my dream college
very Informative
it is very helpful and guiding
Its helpful, before this I was lost but now i know what i have to do and they even help me improve my chances.
its helpful and has many webinars
It's very useful and has helped me learn a lot about college.

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We believe that every student deserves expert guidance. To make that possible, access to the CollegeVine platform is free for students. We partner with colleges that pay to join our ecosystem and interact with students via virtual events and 1-1 connections.

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