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Long gone are the days of collecting data from a dozen websites and storing your college list in a spreadsheet. With CollegeVine, it’s easy to discover and organize a list of colleges that you’ll fall in love with.

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Your GPA and SAT don’t tell the full admissions story. Our chancing engine also factors in extracurricular activities, demographics, and other holistic details to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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We use data from real students and model your chances at hundreds of colleges using unique factors like extracurriculars and course rigor.

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This is amazing. It helps with my anxiety because I can see that, regardless what happens, I am getting in somewhere. And it is free! Thank You so much
it's very helpful
its really organized and helpful
it is a great platform for anyone and it is anonomys so it more real in a sense
its cool
It has been very useful so far and I've already told people to use it.
easy to use
i love how detailed it is
it is a great free platform and provides an alternative to hiring a independent college admissions counselor. all the resources given are very helpful and beneficial. it helps a student stay organize and connected with other people who are going through the admissions process as well!!
Because it's quick and it's a very easy way to get your essay reviewed w/o paying and it helps when finding out more about college.
It is so useful! I can visualize which schools I am a good applicant for when applying my personal statistics
Great information and tips!
It's a better program to use to compare a student's probabilities of getting into college than any program I have used.
So helpful and reassuring!
Love this website. Very helpful and easy to customize to your own level.
I already recommended it to a couple friends.
It's very precise, offers a great range of information for each school and users can answer questions from their experiences that help upcoming college students.
It's very helpful
The feedback really helped me with my college essays.
this site has opened my eyes about colleges that I would love
CollegeVine has so many great resources. These resources are hard to find, especially just on one particular website. CollegeVine is making this whole application process less stressful for me.
I've only been on here for a couple of months but I can see that CollegeVine is a really helpful resource for high school students and I think it has helped me widen my perspective about things.
easy to use and flexible
it helps
its easy to use
It not only has extensive information on individual colleges that would help students in college research, but it also has resources for essay help and a place to ask questions regarding college planning.
Have excellent live streams that are always informative.
it has helped me raise my self-confidence pertaining to the stressful college application process
I have already recommended it to several of my friends.
This seems like a great well made platform that will help with my application process.
This website is amazing and everything I've been looking for. You guys are so awesome.
very informative!
I just told my friend abt the chance me thing
I really love the idea that you can assess your current situation and see what is needed to get into a great school
this website allow you to connect with people that have the same goals as you or higher and helps you get inspirations.
Awesome resources
didn't know a tool like this existed. Very insightful
Comprehensive and thorough.
Very informative and helps you choose and look through things easier than anything else I have found
It is a very detailed website and gives me plenty of information about how to handle college applications.
This website has a ton of amazing features and a variety of options to uncover what I was looking for!
Its a really helpful platform with everything I need for my college selection and applications in hand
So helpful!
This really helps guide me as to which colleges to look at.
It's awesome, the website is simple to use, accounts for everything you need for collage and plus my sister got her scholar because of this.
I've already recommended it to multiple friends. I find it is a very useful tool, and well done, too!
it is great
it's very helpful
realistic advice and comparison
Because it's the best site which provides information regarding scholarships and chances to get into any college.
I have to Say I like the Idea of it all and it is helping with my choice to choose a college
easy to use
Because this website is awesome at telling me which universities would most likely welcome me as their student and I haven't seen any other site do it better than this site.
This website has been incredibly helpful in both helping me plan for college, show me where I am lacking, and given me a realistic idea of where I am going to go. The confidence and security this information has given me in unreal.
CollegeVine helps me see my chances with specific estimates derived from not just my scores, but also my demographics and my extracurriculars, giving me a more realistic idea of my chances than just my own rough calculations. This resource has given me confidence in my college search, helping me feel more secure in my future.
Thus far, I've found the site very helpful! I already recommended it to a friend.
I love preparing would recommend it but the don't like preparing so It probably would go in one ear then out the next.
Good resource.
It is very helpful to use when picking colleges and it also gives an idea of how colleges see you and gives you a realistic idea of your chances of getting in.
Very useful and reliable information, easy to use; all info is in one place. So convenient.
it's a cool platform
it really helps me to organize everything, thank you!
I like how it helps me to compile a list of colleges from applying to considering. By calculating my chances it helps me by showing which factors I need to work on
This website is certainly reassuring for a student like me who is constantly doubtful and pessimistic. But just because it reassured me that I have solid chances at attending universities I wish to go to isn't what makes this website great; it's the realistic optimism that is so wonderful. It let me know which colleges would definitely be hard and why, as well as where and how I can improve my resume.
so awesome
Because of the very nice UI and extremely insightful analysis
Helps me know were I am for colleges
It is an extremely useful tool for finding colleges and evaluating your chances of getting into them.
It's a great platform to plan out your high school years.
it's helpful
Because it evacuates your chances of going to a college. and i feel like that evaluation is almost so accurate because they provide you with an opportunity to incorporate any detailed events, or gpa, or standardized test taken through out high school career. And the tools on this app is phenomenal. its the best app, and really helps with college list( differentiating between your target school, and competitive ones). Helps you feel organized especially during college application season.
I already have recommended it to several friends, and they all made accounts. I really enjoy how CollegeVine calculates your chances for each college/university with personalized stats and how CollegeVine has so many additional resources like the livestreams and essays guides.
Your analysis of the possibility of a student being accepted into a college of their interest is very helpful and informative. What I liked most was of the fact that you also let us know where we can improve and higher our chances of getting into a particular college.
This site helped me build a realistic college list and discover schools I am excited to apply to. I love that collegevine analyzes your whole profile. I've already recommended it to friends.
It is super simple to use and makes college searching wayyyy easier. All the college information I need can come from CollegeVine instead of 60 different websites/tabs open scrabbling to find my perfect university.
Very easy to use and navigate, free services that actually prevail, I love it!
This is a very helpful site that gives me insight on my chances on getting into certain colleges, and gives me further information on what I need to do to better my chances at getting in said certain colleges.
Very helpful!
It is such a helpful resource! I feel like a lot of my friends don't know about it, but I think they would benefit from hearing great(true) things about this site.
Would like to know what colleges I have a chance at.
This is a very useful website that has made me understand more about college
I love it
I have the ability to design my own demo-application(I call it)
It is a very useful an app
This place is awesome
its good

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