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Every student has a unique story and path, and we know that admissions officers evaluate each student a bit differently.

Unlike other resources that only provide general advice, we’ve created a platform that follows you throughout your high school and college admissions journey with personalized recommendations.

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A college success plan just for you

Successful students know what they should be doing right now — and next. Creating a plan is extremely important because there are multiple steps to conquer in order to reach your goals.

When you sign up for CollegeVine, you’ll get clear guidance on what you need to be doing right now — and in the future! Each of these to-dos includes our expert tips to help steer you in the right direction.

Wondering when and how to apply for the FAFSA? Who to ask for recommendation letters? If you should apply early or regular decision? We’ll map it all out for you so you can spend more time doing rather than deciding.

Explore schools to build your college list

Putting together a solid college list can be tough.

From understanding your realistic chances, finding schools that you will be happy at and that will help you achieve your dreams – all while balancing how to pay for college — you’ll find yourself sifting through countless school rankings lists.

Our school list builder helps you understand your real chances at over 600 schools. It also takes in your preferences and goals to recommend the best-fit colleges for you — some that you may never have even considered!

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Manage the application process

After working with thousands of students, we know that the application process can be a stressful one for students (and your families!).

You don’t only need to create a school list, write amazing college essays, fill out the Common App and take standardized tests —you also need to gather recommendation letters, organize your activity lists, apply for financial aid, and more!

With so many things to manage, it’s no wonder you’re feeling a lot of pressure right now. That’s why we’ve built a platform to help you manage the entire application process — for free.

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